The Entrenchment Of America Second Amendment Bearing Arms

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The Entrenchment Of America Second Amendment Bearing Arms. People outside of the USA cannot comprehend why Americans are so entrenched with their right to bear arms so much that they are willing to ignore the hundreds of mass shootings that killed at least forty-seven people.

Over the last few weeks, America witness mass shootings in Indianapolis, FedEx shooting 9 people killed. April 7, 2021, Rock Hill, South Carolina: 6 people, including 2 children. March 31, 2021, Orange, California office shooting: 4 people, including a child, March 22, 2021, Boulder, Colorado A mass shooting occurred at a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, which left 10 people dead including an on-duty police officer. March 16, 2021, Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta spa shootings: A series of mass shootings occurred at massage parlours in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area. Eight people were killed in the incidents, and one person was wounded. February 9, 2021, Buffalo, Minnesota Buffalo clinic attack: A nurse was killed, and four other people were shot and seriously wounded inside a health care clinic. February 2, 2021, Muskogee, Oklahoma shooting: Five children and one adult were shot and killed, and one other adult suffered life-threatening injuries.

The world is watching as America destroy itself with these mass shooting and the so-called terrorist around the world who seems to hate the USA must be saying to themselves there is no need to attack the US when they are slowly killing off their own citizens because they do not want to have effective gun control.

Calling yourselves the biggest democracy in the world yet incapable of protecting your citizens because especially Republican and some Democrat politicians do not see the need or resist the cry of the American people to put into law gun control which will make it safer for those who want to own guns can do so in the knowledge that people with mental or other counterproductive issues cannot get their hand on guns is disgraceful.

These politicians always claim that gun control impeaches their second amendment rights, but they are not having their children or family members murdered by these mass shooting. They constantly speak about how sorry they are, and their prayers go out to affect families, but God forbid getting them to put in place policies to curtail mass shooting.

It begs the question that if America can witness twenty-six people, including twenty children murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, they did nothing about gun control. It demonstrates the narcissistic attitude that people in power have against gun control. What will it take for American politicians to say enough is enough, and we must have effective gun control for the sake of our citizen’s lives.

Even when Congress pass gun control protocols, the Senate seems to want to block the Democrats from passing these gun control. It is time that the Democratic party get rid of the filibuster and show the American people that they can put in place legislation to make all American lives better. There is no way the majority party should allow the minority party to put up a roadblock to their agenda to let the American people down.

Changes need to happen in America that means gun control, an infrastructure bill, George Floyd policing bill, voters right bill, and the immigration legislation. This is when President Biden should put his foot down and say we are not prepared to allow the minority GOP to prevent progress for the American people. If he does not, then American is in for a long road of the mass shooting, police brutality against the minority, and the suppression of minority voters.

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