To Hold Donald Trump Accountable Not Election Interference

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To Hold Donald Trump Accountable Not Election Interference. I am amazed that the MAGA Republicans and their supporters are so limited in their knowledge that they believe that the Juror finding Trump accountable for his actions is because of the DOJ, President Biden, DA Alvin Bragg everyone except the person who commits the criminal acts.

Let us look at some of the accountability that came to Donald Trump. In the E.Jean Caroll case, the juror found after a trial where evidence was given from both sides that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her. The second E.Jean Carroll case was because he consistently defamed her even when told he should not do so.

Where are the MAGA supporters that should be telling him to keep his big mouth shut and stop defaming this lady, Why are they not chastising him by telling him that the law must be equal to everyone and that he is no different from the man in the streets that commit a crime?

In the hush money, election interference case, when did the DOJ, President Biden, DA Alvin Bragg, Judge Merchan or members of the Jurors sleep with Stormy Daniels or try to cover up their bad behaviour by using their lawyer to pay hush money? These acts were done by Donald Trump so that he could win the 2016 election and the scandal of him sleeping with a porn star whilst his wife was at home with their young son did not see the light of day.

MAGA supporters and elected officials in both the House of Representatives and the Senate must realise that all of Donald Trump’s woes are of his making and no amount of saying that it is a conspiracy by all these other people will make it true. Donald Trump is not above the law and when a party like the Republicans which is supposed to be the party of law and order begins to throw out law and order because they believe a cult leader is above the law then we are weakening our democracy and these idiotic Republican individuals in both Congress and the House of Representative should know better.

Where are decency, dignity, integrity and morals gone when grown men who are elected to defend democracy can allow a conman and failed businessman like Donald Trump to not just take over their party but is now a convicted felon and will be the nominee for that party is a distressing day for the Republican party of Lincoln. This demonstrates the level of indecency that now exists in the Republican party and that is a sad day for our democratic purpose.

Donald Trump is a convicted felon and the sooner that is recognised by these MAGA freaks the better off they will be and level of decency can return to their lives and they can regroup and find an individual with integrity to be the leader of their party.

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