Donald Trump Mercilessly Booed At Libertarian Conference.

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Donald Trump Mercilessly Booed At Libertarian Conference. It was a beauty to hear all the booing that was aimed at Donald Trump when he tried to speak at the Libertarian conference, it was a magic moment for many who have had to watch and listen to his lies.

Donald Trump is such a liar that he cannot recognise the truth even if it jumps up and bit him on the behind. He talks about how he is the best President that America had – Lie, he was voted the worst President in the USA history. He boasts how he had the biggest inauguration ceremony, another lie, Barrack Obama’s inauguration ceremony was far larger than Trump’s.

When Donald Trump left the White House America’s debt was eight Trillion. He left with fewer jobs than he inherited from Barrack Obama. Donald Trump tells so many lies saying that it is the Biden Administration that is pulling the strings for all his criminal problems, not the fact that he stole top secret documents paid off a porn star, and has been convicted of sexual assault on E.Jean Carroll.

Donald Trump has never faced accountability in his selfish life and the fact that all of these charges are upon him he is trying to deflect by saying that Presiden Biden weaponised the DOJ. They are coming after him for nothing and it is political interference. He seems to forget that the world heard the tape recording urging the Secretary of State for Georgia to find him over eleven thousand votes.

It was amazing to watch the booing and hear the crowd at the Libertarian conference mocked Donald Trump. For once in his pathetic life he could not control the narrative or pack the room with his cult MAGA idiotic people.

Everyone, including politicians, deserves to be supported, irrespective of their political views, however, my problem with Donald Trump is that nothing that comes out of his mouth is the truth. He consistently tells lies about, his crowd size, never accepting that all of his criminal woes are down to decisions that he made and nothing to do with the present administration. Trump has no dignity or integrity and for an Ex-President no morals the only thing that drives Trump is his selfish behaviour and the fact that he believes that he is entitled to do what he likes and does not have to account for his actions.

To put Donald Trump’s behaviour in perspective one has to look at the people who are enabling him to continue to behave in his deplorable manner. There are some members of Congress and some Senators, it is further disturbing when some of these same people have called out Trump for the narcissist that he is only to then bow down to this idiot as if he is a God.

Let us hope that this is the beginning of more booing from a crowd of people who are finally recognising that Donald Trump is a liar, has no integrity, dignity, or morals and that for the United States of America to be a leader on the world’s stage then Trump is unfit to represent that country as President, who want a convicted sexual assault individual to be their representative.


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