How Much More Awful And Amoral Can The Republican Party Get


How Much More Despicable Amoral Can The Republican Party Get The Republican Party of Lincoln is no more and there is a danger for the American people if they do not come together in November and get rid of these amoral unintelligent, no integrity and above all no dignity Republicans, if not they will be setting their country on the verge of autocracy.

Donald Trump, a twice impeached convicted sex offender and currently facing over 88 other charges has got such a grip on the Republican party and will eventually destroy that party. But for him to be the semi-dictator that he is the likes of Republican Senators and Congressmen Representatives has to be backing him.

If anyone had told me that in my lifetime I would witness a democratically elected party sink so low and give their souls to one person I would have said that would never happen. What we are seeing is the demise of a political party because they have no backbone or spine to tell Donald Trump to go to hell.

How can you want a convicted sex offender to represent your country on the world stage America would be the laughing stock of every decent democracy on the planet. and the sooner they recognise it the better off they will be.

The only saving grace for the American people is the upcoming election and I believe that God would never allow the likes of Donald Trump to retake power and for that, we better start being thankful. This idiot is telling people that he will get rid of the Constitution so he can remain in power until death, and destroy NATO and the likes of Fox News think this is funny.

The man paid off a porn star and then hid the facts so that he could influence the 2016 election and the media believe he is being persecuted. He created the problems he is in because he has never had to face accountability yet the right-wing media continue to make it appear that this amoral person is good for the country..

Donald Trump tells more lies than any other human being on this planet and to see individuals who were sent to Congress to do the work for the American people lined up behind that despot is unbelievable and dangerous to democracy.

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