Donald Trump A Tyrannical Demigod

Today our democracy as been threatened much more than it as ever been. There is a demigod in the White House who will stop at nothing to destroy democracy for his own gratification.

I know that many people do not think that God as a handle on this but if we turn to the book of Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

If anyone can read those words and cannot see Donald Trump in there, then they are deluding themselves. As a society, we should always strive to see our differences in what and who we are as a positive aspect of life. Still, the fundamental aspects of a civilised society are how we can interact without destroying each other.

If anyone told me that the biggest democracy in the world would be on the verge of destruction, I would not have believed that it could happen in the USA. But here we are with a demon in the guise of Donald Trump who only wants to destroy democracy for his sick and narcissist way.

Donald Trump is a poison, and those who allow themselves to drink from his cup do so at the destruction of their soul and moral fibre. When people in power have no moral values, are liars, cheat and full of narcissistic attitude we should be scared and do everything in our power to ensure that we take these people down and remove them from power.

We need to leave a world for our children to inhabit and that means getting rid of Donald Trump, he is a liar, as no integrity, dignity or empathy and as such he is a danger to not just the American people but the rest of the world.

There is an election looming on the 3 November 2020, and your very lives depend on how you vote. Please with God in the mix I urge you to use your vote effectively and remove this tyrant from the White House.

Donald Trump Is Racist And Unintelligent

People, People what is it going to take for some Americans to understand that Donald Trump is not only a racist and bigot, but he cannot recognise truth, justice or the American constitution.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump was, given a taste of power winning the 2016 election, and now he believes that he should be President for life. He cannot accept that the vast majority of decent well-thinking Americans cannot stand him or want any association with his brand of politics.

He is a liar and a person without dignity or integrity. His lack of leadership for the American people allowed over 200,000 to die needlessly. The economy in disarray and unemployment at a record high. Donald Trump does not know how to lead; he is a selfish, self-centred individual without any moral fibre.

Why cannot some American listen to the words of his niece, when she laid out Donald Trump’s flaws. There as never been a president in the history of the USA who believes the White House and the Presidency are is to do what he likes and cater to his whims.

My biggest condemnations go out to the Republican party for allowing Donald Trump to destroy the party. When the republican loses the November election because of Donald Trump, we may never see another Republican president for decades.

The Republican party shows no backbone, and they have allowed a fail business person to destroy the core of what the party stands for and that is why harden Republicans are leaving the party in their thousands.

It is crucial for the soul of the American democracy and freedom to ensure that Donal Trump is, removed from the White House and they must do so in the November election; there must be no doubt about the outcome or result.

Joe Biden – Build Back Better

Joe Biden is the undisputed right person for the Presidency and the White House. Along with Kamala Harris, they will build back America better because of their dignity, integrity and knowing the importance that people matter.

The United States needs a President that shows empathy, knows that each and everyone can be better, to live and strive to reach their full potential. To be united and not divided to show leadership to the rest of the world.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will put policies in place that benefits all American regardless of colour, creed, sexual orientation, and political views. The  United States have been ripped apart by Donald Trump, and it needs to be, healed.

Donald Trump has never shown leadership or understands what the office of the President should be. He does not know about uniting a nation, and I would agree that he as failed the American people in every aspect.

The rest of the world is looking to the American people that come. November they will put in the White House someone with decency and integrity and make the US great again around the world. Of course, the United States is in the darkness and need to be, led out into the light and Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are more than up to the challenge.

Kneeling on Neck Police Officer Suspended

According to several media report, a police officer was suspended by the Met for kneeling on the neck of a Black man they were trying to arrest.

A video when viral on social media and that prompted the Deputy Commissioner to comment that the video was ‘disturbing’. Once again it came to light that it is not only US police officers that are racist or target the Black community for frivolous reasons and they are deep racism among the people who we should have confidence in to operate above reproach.

The UK police witnessed what can happen when a police officer kneels on the neck of another human being, as seen in the George Flloyd saga when Chavin knelt on his neck for 8 minutes.45 seconds resulting in his death. It beggar believes that if there were not systematic racism in the UK police force that any officer would do the same thing.

Black people have been the target of the UK police force for as long as the organisation exist. Recently, 9 June 2020 a couple standing on their driveway was targetted by the police because they believe that the couple did not have the right to be there. A video posted by the daughter of the couple clearly showed that there was no reason for the police officer to question the couple, and the only reason they did was because of the colour of their skin.

It would be naive to think that Black people have not come a long way in British society, but there are much more to be, done. The police officers need to do their job without the prejudices that they have against minority people.

Police racist attitudes affect every member of the Black community in one form or another. If you drive a nice car, you must be a drug dealer. Police officers ruining the lives of many people because they target the wrong person and destroy their lives because of innuendoes

What World Is Donald Trump Living In?

It is unbelievable that anyone with an ounce of sense can begin to comprehend which world is Donald Trump occupying?  The Coronavirus is battering the United States, and as people died in their thousand, you have a President who as lost his grip on reality.

Every White House briefing that man as he only talks about himself and how great he believes he is to the American people.  Of all the President of the US, in my opinion, Donald Trump is far the worse that happens to be, put in such a dominant possession.

How can the country begin to heal and get over COVID 19, there is no federal leadership, and each state have to be battling to control the virus and the number of deaths that are occurring daily around the US states.

One have to ask the question of why when there is a pandemic. The US seems to get the worse of it.  In the 1918 epidemic, there were 500 million people worldwide that were affected, and 500 thousand deaths occur in the United States.  I f we look at what is happening now with COVID 19 13.4 million people; worldwide infected 3.48 million in the US and 138 thousand deaths so far.  Mexico is the only other country that comes near to what the US is currently undergoing.

In the second deadly worldwide epidemic that we are facing the US is suffering from leadership, empathy, dignity and integrity from an individual that tells himself that he is the President.  I do not believe that Donald Trump understands what it means to govern a country.  He seems to think it means having nursery type behaviour with the rest of the world.  Throwing tantrums when he does not gets his way just like a child would do.

I imagine that many American trust Anthony Fauci because of his experience with dealing with diseases and outbreak of the virus and here we have a President that is actively trying to destroy the reputation of someone who at least knows what he is doing.

In my opinion, we cannot wait for November to come so that the people of the US can elect a President that will be with the people and for the people.  A President with some modicum of dignity, decency, integrity and the ability to lead the nation and do not use every photo opportunity to self-praise.

George Floyd Death Wakes Up The World

Why did it have to take the death of another human being by a police officer to ignite the kind of demonstrations and rallying of millions of people around the world, against oppression, bigotry, racism and hatred?

I read some social media post regarding the murder of George Flloyd, and I am alarmed and astonished. There are still people who cannot understand why so many millions of people around the world were willing to forget that we are living in a world where the coronavirus pandemic killed thousands of people worldwide. Yet they march and protest against injustice.

How a normal, human being with any empathy within themselves seeing that video of a police officer who is supposed to serve and protect kneeling in the neck of George showing no sign of sympathy for the man he was murdering still justify that behaviour is incomprehensible.

George Floyd was, laid to rest a few days ago, but the legacy that he left behind will change our world in more ways than we can begin to imagine. We have seen changes in the law, statutes of individuals that support oppression and slavery been, removed from towns and cities, and worldwide cry for police brutality to end.

We must always remember these two quotes from Dr Martin Luther King ” Injustice is a threat to justice everywhere”. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.

Demonstrators Destroy Colston Statue

According to the media demonstrators in Bristol pulled down the statue of Edward Colston.

It has been, stated that Edward Colston was an English merchant, Member of Parliament, philanthropist, and slave trader. His wealth was, acquired mainly through the trade and exploitation of slaves.

It is the 21 first century, and we still have statues that represent the oppression of a section of our community. Everyday Black and minority people have to walk past the statue of Edward Colston, knowing that he was a slave trader, and 19,000 Black people died when his company transported them to the Caribbean.

The fact that both Black and White joining forces to take down the statute is a demonstration of how the community feels. Many would disagree with how it was, taken down. Still, if we go back in history, the British people were among those that celebrated when the statue of Saddam Hussein was, pulled down in Iraq and he was still alive when that event happens.

If we are going to have equality for all, then there are historical figures that we need, not to forget. Still, we do not require statues of them around the country as a reminder of their counterproductive behaviour.

Black People Do Not Trust Donald Trump

Donald Trump needs to get his head examined. According to an article in the Metro newspaper, Donald Trump claims that he is the best President for Black People.

My opinion, Donald Trump is suffering from a delusion of grandeur, which make him unaware of how much the majority of Black despises him and all that he represents. Given the option of choosing between Trump and Hitler, I would select Adolf Hitler every time.

There can be no illusion that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were the worse and most disgraceful dictator of the 20th Century and yet I would rather deal with him over Trump anytime.

Donald Trump cannot seem to understand that he is the worst President that the United States has ever voted into office. The founding fathers must be turning in their graves knowing that instead of a great President is leading the country, they now have a childish, racist, incompetent and a poor excuse for a human being in the White House.

Greatness is not what you look like; it is the ability to lead effectively and carrying all citizens behind you irrespective of colour or creed. Have the ability to treat all people with respect and dignity righting wrong each time it raises its ugly head and ensuring that security forces treat citizen equally and fairly regardless of the colour of their skin.

The White House becomes ineffective when it appears that instead of a competent governing body, it is, seen as a big creche with a spoilt brat at the head of the nursery. So, Mr President please don’t kid yourself, the Black community do not like or respect you, and the sooner you understand that you may begin to stop suggesting that we do.

Every Life Matters Time For Justice

As we watch cities all over the US demonstrate and some turn to violence, we must ask ourselves the question, how many more Black lives must be lost before we recognise the real problem in our society.

The problem between Black people and I refuse to say African American, because they are just Americans, they should not need to be labelled. One of the reasons why Black lives as so little value. I have not heard any attachment given to White people in America; they are simply White American considering that that country belongs to Indians.

Why are White people in the US is not called European Americans, but every other race is classified, Mexican American, Native American, Irish American, Arab American, etc. It is disgraceful and one of the reasons that racism is still prevalent in the US. Some White American does not believe that any other race should be in the US, the supposed land of the free.

Police officers have been systematically murdering Black people because they are aware that there is no consequence to their actions and no one, not the local government or the federal government give a damn about the slaughtering of Black people.

The problem in the US is simply if police officer knows that should they kill anyone without good reason they are headed to prison, stop and harass citizens without probable cause, they will be fired and lose their benefits. All that is needed is for the country to put laws in place to prevent police officers from behaving like bully boys and terrorist that have their archaic actions swept under the carpet, and there are no consequences for their actions.

In this the twenty-first century, we are watching police officer murdering Black men on camera. In contrast, other police officers watched as the life of a human being was, extinguished like an animal.

How Can a President Be So Idiotic

Every time that Donald Trump opens his mouth, the only thing that comes out of it is stupidity and nonsense.

One would have thought that an individual that held one of the most critical jobs on the planet would know how to unite its people in a time of crisis and have the ability to empathise with its citizen when they are hurting. Instead, all that he has done is to stoke the fire of racism around the country.

A member of the police service murdered a man, he died in a manner that should never have occurred, and all that we get from this poor excuse of a President is rhetoric and idiotic behaviour.

No one who witnesses the demonstrations around the US cities and even those protest that happens in the UK and other countries would condone the looting and destruction of private property. However, the frustration of Black people reached the boiling point. How many more Black brothers, fathers, sisters, sons, daughter and other family members must die by the hands of the police before the administration effectively does something.

The vast majority of people who have lost their children to police violence have never orchestrated violence. Yet they have a President that have no idea what the world is about, blinded by his bigotry against minority people and not having the ability to lead. Using ridiculous words such as “when the looting starts the shooting start” is not only a disgusting remark but one which demonstrates how pathetic the US President is.

The man is like a child that loses their toys if social media disagree with him; suddenly, he is signing a document to control how they do their business.

I hope and pray that come November the good people of the US will vote this idiotic man out of the office and put someone in the White House who knows how to lead, hold the country together, and put America back on the world stage.