Barristers Brexit Letter to Prime Minister

According to the media over 1000 Barristers who are individual members of the Bar, covering England, Scotland and Northern Ireland has written to the Prime Minister outlining their concerns regarding the Brexit referendum.

In the letter, they have pointed out that in their legal opinion the More >

UK Political Parties in disarray – Come on Jeremy step down

Following the European referendum results a week ago, this seems to leave the UK political parties in total disarray.

Firstly, David Cameron gave an emotional speech announcing his resignation as Prime Minister.  This will take effect in October that as triggered a number of Conservative MP to More >

Let’s vote to stay in the European Union

In 1967 the European Union was established. 

In 1973 Britain joined the European Union, it was Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath, who took Britain into the Union. I do not always agree with members of the Conservative government, but as far as I am concerned and particular in my opinion, More >

Our conscience sets us apart from other species

As the media reports on the ongoing saga regarding Edward Snowden the individual alleged to reveal information about the US government domestic surveillance, one wonder how far this will go. It would appear that government and in particular politicians is under the illusions that the public is More >

The European Union needs us as much as we need them

The media report that the conservative coalition government has lost the vote regarding a referendum on the UK membership of the European Union, comes as no surprise. Politics should be about the people and not about an individual personality and that is something which seems to allude a minor More >

Do politicians seriously believe the public is stupid

It is rather rich of Nick Clegg to be under one hand propping up the conservative party and on the other hand criticizing them for the very policies that his party help create. There is nothing new about the manner in which the conservative party treats those that are affluent and those that are More >

Defeating oppression is the key to civilise society

Regardless of what form oppression takes in certain sections of the world, whether it is preventing girls from being educated, women from holding position in what is called men only jobs, or giving individuals the right to medical care and the use of technology, it is important that we celebrate More >

Ordinary people priced out of Central London housing

According to a recent media report ordinary people, or to put it bluntly the poorest of our society can no longer afford to live in Central London because of the high cost of rental property. There is no surprise here for the vast majority of destitute people how are aware that under this coalition More >

First civil servants now Teachers vowing to walk out

First the Civil servants decide enough and staged a walkout now teachers are threatening to do the same. It is becoming patently clear that this coalition government is fast losing the plot, they do not seem to recognise that their draconian policies are tearing the heart out of the nation and More >

Learn English or lose your unemployment benefit

I am of the opinion that if one immigrates to a country they should try and learn the language of the host country, therefore if for example an English speaking individual decide to immigrate to France then in order to communicate effectively they should learn French. However, this should be a More >

Civil Servants Strike is only just the beginning

The over 95,000 civil servants strike that closed job center and museums is only the beginning of things to come that will ensure the UK lackluster government is held accountable for the counterproductive way in which they have destroyed the very fabric of the UK economy. Although the citizens of More >

UK Children below breadline from 2015, no surprise

Following the recent media report that Britain’s children will be living below the breadline by 2015, does not come as no surprise to the millions of people already caught in the poverty trap.

The vast majority of household living in poverty does not need any report to confirm the nightmare that More >

Is NATO deployment move a warning to Syria

As  NATO moves forward with plans to place patriot missiles and troops along Syria border with Turkey. Is this now  a warning from NATO to Syria that enough is enough. Although, no one would wish to see NATO involve in another long and protracted conflict , we have to appreciate the fact that they More >

Government tends to promise never usually deliver

With the Chancellor George Osborne, admitting that it is taking longer for the UK to recover from its financial crisis and that the government will miss its key economic targets, what’s new. The problem with politicians is when they make election promises they conveniently forget that countries are More >

UK has released Abu Qatada out on bail

UK has released terror suspect Abu Qatada from prison on bail after judges ruled that the man dubbed Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe should not be extradited to Jordan. The radical Islamist preacher, who is in his early 50s, was driven out of the high-security Long Lartin prison in More >
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