The Walls Of Accountability Closing Around Donald Trump

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The Walls Of Accountability Closing Around Donald Trump. There is great frustration by millions of people not just in the United States of America but around the world that cannot understand why it is taking so long to bring Trump to Justice.

Donald Trump the forty-fifth President of the United States of America is the worst President that ever entered the White House. Firstly, he was unequipped to become President and his actions during the Presidency and since he left the White House as proven his unfitness to have held the highest office in America.

Here we have an Ex-President who was impeached twice and found guilty of sexual assault and ninety-one criminal charges outstanding against him.

This moronic person kept lying to his MAGA base and spent hours on his ridiculous social media platform thrashing judges, prosecutors and their immediate family members and still this twit is allowed to walk about free.

Recently I have begun to feel a little optimistic that at long last Donald Trump will find that accountability is a real thing and that hopefully will begin on April 15 when jury selection will begin in the hush money trial.

It should make all of our blood boil when we know that Donald Trump has been getting away with his constant fraudulent activities and the lies he told to the American people.

Trump aligned himself with the worse despicable people on the planet and they are willing to sell their souls to be among Trump because God forbid he becomes president again they will have an American president in their pocket.

How many people could violate a gag order and tacitly call for judges and prosecutors to be harm tries to rile up MAGA idiots to commit criminal activities? Let us not forget that a MAGA freak attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband because of Trump’s diabolical rhetoric.

Let us pray that April 15 will see the beginning of Trump’s accountability in action and hope that finally like a fish out of water, he will know that he is not above the law and will be held accountable for his narcissistic behaviour.

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