Knowingly Committing Perjury Is A Crime In The USA

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Knowingly Committing Perjury Is A Crime In The USA. I am at a loss and so are millions of people who have always believed that committing perjury is a crime in America.

It is important then for President Biden and the Democratic party to explain to the American voters how more than two of the Supreme Court Judges committed perjury during their confirmation the questions they were asked and the answers they gave during their testimony before the Senate.

Brett Kavanagh stated that no one is above the law, including the President of the United States, and that there can be no absolute immunity. He has now ruled that a President have absolute immunity so is that not perjury because he testified under oath?

This also applies to Roe v Wade where Supreme Court Judges stated they would not touch that decision and then overturn it. Why can’t the Biden administration hold these judges accountable for their lies and the perjury they committed, given that they have given President Biden total power to do what the hell he wants to do this is a great way for the President to remove these Justices for their blatant lies to the Senate and the American people.

What is the point of having laws is power if you are not going to use it for the benefit of the people? If this were democrats behaving in this manner and there was a Republican President in the White House Those three Justices would be removed from the Supreme Court using Executive power. Why are Democrats shy away from doing the things that keep the American people safe and secure?

The Courts are not going to save the American people it takes President Biden and the Democratic administration to protect American democracy and for God’s sake to prevent World War Three. Please, President Biden, act now America and the World are depending on you to step up to the plate using the power given to you and save our democracy.

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