Long lines for Celine

TRAFFIC has backed up for miles leading to the Greenfield venue in Trelawny where multiple Grammy award winning singer Celine Dion is expected to perform tonight.

The singer arrived in the island on her private jet this evening and expectations are high for a scintillating performance from her.

Long lines of traffic is snarling from as far as the Outameni Experience attraction and its taking longer than normal to reach the show site..


Celine Dion arrives in Jamaica

MULTIPLE Grammy award-winning superstar Celine Dion arrived in Jamaica a short while ago for her much-anticipated performance tonight at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in the tourist resort city of Montego Bay.

Dion arrived at the private jet terminal at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

The singer, who has a huge fan base in Jamaica, is the headline act for tonight’s installment of the three-night festival, which also features American star Cee Lo Green.


King Yellowman reigns at Jazz

KING Yellow Man gave a majestic performance at last night’s staging of the annual Jazz Festival which got off on a high note at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium.

The veteran deejay who skipped from one side to the other on the stage held the cheering audience spell bound during an electrifying performance which lasted for about half hour.

In between deliveries such as ” Blue Berry Hill,” I am Getting Married”, “Mr Chin”, the deejay was hilarious in his interaction with the patrons who he held in stitches.

Before ending his performance he called on his sidekick, Medikal a medical practitioner in Trelawny who is a former Tastee Talent show winner.

Medikal held his own during his rendition of Dennis Brown’s “Should I”.


Great Vibes At Jazz

NIGHT one of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival held at the Greenfield Stadium in Trelawny yesterday, was full of great vibes and stellar performances.

Dedicated to the Jamaica 50 celebrations, it saw some entertaining performances from the likes of John Holt, George Nooks, Kymani Marley, Luciano, Marcia Griffiths, Maxi Priest and Pluto Shurvington.

Also, the organisers of the festival presented awards to five stalwarts of Reggae – Marcia Griffiths, Derrick Morgan, Lloyd Parks, Yellowman and John Holt.


PICTORIAL: Jazz festival off to rousing start

THE Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival kicked off in fine style at the Greenfield Stadium in Trelawny last night. Observer photographer Joseph Wellington was on hand and captured the moments in pictures.

See tomorrow’s Observer for a full review of last night’s event and more photos.


Anticipation High for Celine Dion

WITH night one of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival out of the way anticipation is high for tonight’s headliner Celine Dion.

“I can’t wait. I think her performance will be something,” said one of her fans who flew in from New York to enjoy the Jamica Jazz experience.

The occasion was special for Jamacian born England based R&B singer Ruby Turner.


“Its an experience to be back in my country enjoying the musical offerings” she said.

She also voiced her anticiapation for the Canadian songbird Celine Dion who has scored hits such as Because You Love Me, My Heart Will Go On and I’m Alive.

Sharing the stage tonight also with Celine Dion are Nicole Henry, Jully Black, Richie Stephens and Gentleman and Tami Chin and Tessanne Chynn.

 — Cecelia Campbell-Livingston


Actress sues internet database

TWO powerful US actors’ groups have condemned the main movie industry website over its policy of giving artists’ ages, saying it was facilitating discrimination in the business.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) spoke out days after a US actress lodged a $US1 million ($A934,623) lawsuit against Amazon, which owns the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

“An actor’s actual age is irrelevant to casting. What matters is the age range that an actor can portray,” the two groups said in a statement.

“For the entire history of professional acting, this has been true but that reality has been upended by the development of IMDb as an industry standard used in casting offices across America.”

It noted that IMDb and IMDbPro publish the dates of birth of “thousands of actors without their consent, most of them not celebrities but rank-and-file actors whose names are unknown to the general public.

“When their actual ages then become known to casting personnel, the 10+ year age range that many of them can portray suddenly shrinks, and so do their opportunities to work.”

Earlier this month an actress, who asked for her identity to be masked and is referred to only as “Jane Doe”, launched a suit against Amazon for damages and interests with the Western District Court of Washington state, in Seattle.

According to the suit, the actress, who is of Asian descent, changed her name to make it more American and has never wanted to reveal her age in order to maximise her chances of obtaining film roles.

Since 2003 her profile has been available on the IMDb database. In 2008 to increase her exposure, she subscribed to IMDbPro which offers “insider information” to paying clients.

To join the service, the actress had to hand over her credit card details – which she believes were used to find out her age.

Contacted by AFP, Amazon spokeswoman Mary Osako, declined to comment on the case, saying: “We have a long-standing practice of not commenting on active litigation.”

Yesterday SAG and AFTRA said: “IMDb has the power to remove the temptation for employers to engage in age discrimination by accessing this information.

“It is time for IMDb to step up and take responsibility for the harm it has caused, and to take appropriate measures to protect entertainment industry workers.. from losing jobs for the enhancement of IMDb’s financial statements.”

Twain compassionate toward stalker

Canadian country star Shania Twain testified Friday that she has compassion for a man accused of stalking her but remains concerned that he will continue to pursue her.

Giovanni Palumbo has been charged with three counts of failure to comply with a court order and criminal harassment.

He had pleaded not guilty earlier this week but after listening to testimony Friday from Twain, Palumbo’s lawyer told court that his client would plead guilty to both charges.

Lawyer Gary Barnes said that hearing Twain’s heartfelt testimony stirred a revelation in Palumbo.

“He realized: ‘My God, I have upset her,”‘ Barnes told reporters after court had adjourned for the day.

The former Ottawa doctor allegedly sent Twain a series of letters, made unwanted visits to her family cottage in Ontario and even attended her grandmother’s funeral before being arrested at a Canadian awards ceremony this year.

Before he pleaded guilty Friday, Barnes said during Twain’s cross-examination that Palumbo simply didn’t realize that Twain wasn’t interested.

But Twain, appearing via video link from an undisclosed location in Europe, didn’t see it that way.

“I’m torn emotionally because I have compassion for anybody who’s reaching out in need fans often do that,” she said. “I feel very sad … and awkward having to go through these very personal matters with Mr. Palumbo because it’s such an invasion of his privacy.”

However, Twain said nothing she heard at the trial made her feel differently about Palumbo.

“I still have the fear and anxiety of being contacted in the future by Mr. Palumbo. And I do want it to stop,” she said.

For the second day in a row, the process seemed to become too much for Palumbo, who was clad on Friday in a rumpled black suit and navy slip-on sneakers.

Twain was recounting the contents of numerous letters allegedly sent to her by Palumbo when the former doctor leapt to his feet and addressed the court loudly.

“But I didn’t know you received any of them you understand?” yelled Palumbo, alluding to why he persisted in corresponding with Twain.

“It is very emotional for everybody,” Palumbo said, addressing the judge. “Please understand I have emotions, very strong emotions.”

However, later Friday, his lawyer said Palumbo realized how his actions affected Twain.

“My client (thought): ‘I have made her afraid of me, and it’s reasonable, her fears are reasonable.’ … He’s devastated that she’s afraid. He never intended for her to fear at all the absolute opposite. He loves her.”

Palumbo has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. He has another court date on Oct. 18 when depending on the outcome of the psych evaluation he could be

Angry farmer orders Rihanna to cover up

SINGER Rihanna caused controversy today after being ordered to cover up by an angry farmer while shooting a raunchy video on one of his fields in Northern Ireland.

Alan Graham, 61, who lent the pop star a corn field to shoot her latest video “We Found Love,” said he found Rihanna’s behavior “inappropriate” and drove over in his tractor to tell the scantily clad star to put some clothes on.

Traffic came to a standstill near the field in Bangor, about 21 kilometers east of Belfast, as fans tried to catch a glimpse of the “Rude Boy” singer, who stripped down to a red bikini and was also seen wearing an American flag bikini and unbuttoned jeans.

Graham, who admitted he was not “familiar” with Rihanna’s work, said, “If someone wants to borrow my field and things become inappropriate, then I say, ‘Enough is enough. You are not entitled to do that’.”

He added, “I requested that they stop filming and they did. I had a conversation with Rihanna and I hope she understands where I’m coming from. We shook hands.”

The farmer, also a local politician for the Democratic Unionist Party, said he did not receive any payment for loaning his field and had earlier helped Rihanna’s crew free some equipment that got stuck in the mud.

The incident even prompted a political debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly, with one politician asking the country’s first minister Peter Robinson – the leader of Graham’s political party – whether potential investors might be deterred after the pop star was kicked out of a field for nothing more than “wearing red, white and blue.”

Rihanna is understood to have resumed filming at a secret location in Belfast, where she is performing at the weekend.

Amy Winehouse cremated in signature style

Amy Winehouse’s mother wanted to make sure her daughter looked like a “superstar” at her funeral.

The Rehab singer – who died at her north London home in July at the age of 27 – was famed for her heavy eye make-up and her beehive hairstyle and Janis Winehouse was keen for her to have her trademark look before she was cremated.

So before she was put in her coffin, two of her assistants made sure her make-up was perfect, put her famous black beehive wig on her head and dressed her in a short yellow dress.

Janis told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “It was an act of love. She went out looking like the superstar the whole world fell in love with.”

After being given the tragic news her beloved daughter had died, Janis went to visit Amy’s body in a coroner’s office in London so she could say goodbye.

She said: “It was only then, when I looked at Amy’s body, that it dawned on me that she’d gone. She looked peaceful, at rest, beautiful.

 “But as I gazed at her, Amy aged nine flashed into my head. When she was young I’d scream at the bottom of the stairs, calling for her to get up for school. ‘Amy wake up! Amy wake up!’, I’d shout. No answer.

“I’d run up and find her asleep. She was impossible to wake up. Now she wouldn’t wake again. She was gone. It was my moment of final acceptance. The time to say goodbye.”