Amy Winehouse cremated in signature style

Amy Winehouse’s mother wanted to make sure her daughter looked like a “superstar” at her funeral.

The Rehab singer – who died at her north London home in July at the age of 27 – was famed for her heavy eye make-up and her beehive hairstyle and Janis Winehouse was keen for her to have her trademark look before she was cremated.

So before she was put in her coffin, two of her assistants made sure her make-up was perfect, put her famous black beehive wig on her head and dressed her in a short yellow dress.

Janis told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “It was an act of love. She went out looking like the superstar the whole world fell in love with.”

After being given the tragic news her beloved daughter had died, Janis went to visit Amy’s body in a coroner’s office in London so she could say goodbye.

She said: “It was only then, when I looked at Amy’s body, that it dawned on me that she’d gone. She looked peaceful, at rest, beautiful.

 “But as I gazed at her, Amy aged nine flashed into my head. When she was young I’d scream at the bottom of the stairs, calling for her to get up for school. ‘Amy wake up! Amy wake up!’, I’d shout. No answer.

“I’d run up and find her asleep. She was impossible to wake up. Now she wouldn’t wake again. She was gone. It was my moment of final acceptance. The time to say goodbye.”

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