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Black People Versus Police Officers – Not Again, Why

The police shooting of two Black men, one in Minnesota and the other in Louisiana, apparently sparked such fury among the Black community that at a demonstration protesting the death of these two black men, five police officers were gunned down.

According to media sources 102 black people were More >

We are out of the European Community; many are angry

On Thursday 23 June 2016 the majority of people within the United Kingdom decided to use their vote to leave the European Community.

It would appear that from all of the problems that has since arisen, there are many people who believe that they would have voted differently had, they were better More >

50 dead, how long before the US ban AR – 15 assault rifles.

How many more people have to die before the US wake up and ban AR-15 assault rifle. The fact that it may be in their constitution the right to bear arm does not mean that they cannot do something to stop the needless loss of life.

It is amazing that after all the deaths attributed to idiots with More >

The Air We Breathe in London, Can Kill Us

Following media reports that MP’s are to investigate the ‘air quality’ in London, or as it is aptly named ‘the invisible killer’. One has to wonder what is really new about this problem.

There is no doubt, from reading the information that is out there, that the pollution and the air quality in and More >

Pistorius, Accident or Murder

As reported in the media the Prosecutor in the Pistorius murder trial picked apart piece by piece the evidence that he laid before the court.

It is never a good thing for anyone to judge another person’s guilt or innocence, especially in a case where one was not present and we are relying on More >

Nelson Mandela Prince amongst mere mortal

As we mourn the lost of this great man, we however take the time to celebrate his life and the legacy that he has left behind him. How can we ever forget the day he walked out of his prison cell after spending 27 years of his life locked away from the world.  Yet even in confinement this great man More >

British soldier killed by gunman in Afghan uniform

Kabul, Afghanistan—A gunman wearing an Afghan army uniform shot and killed a member of the U.S.-led coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan the latest in a spate of insider attacks that are fracturing the trust between NATO and Afghan forces. Separately, officials said 11 Afghan civilians were More >

Six killed in Afghan blast including newborn

A mother and her newborn baby were among six family members killed in a roadside bombing in eastern Afghanistan. The victims were heading home from the hospital after the mother had given birth when the bomb planted by Taliban insurgents tore through their vehicle in Khost province on the Pakistan More >

Manning offers to plea guilty to reduced charges

A United States Army private charged with sending mountains of classified documents to the secret-spilling website WikiLeaks has offered to take responsibility for the leak by pleading guilty to reduced charges in a move that military justice experts yesterday called unusual and potentially More >

Britain to end aid spending in India by 2015

Britain will halt all aid spending in India in 2015 in a significant shift in relations between the emerging economic giant and its former colonial ruler, Prime Minister David Cameron’s government announced. Acknowledging the country’s rising wealth and status, International Development Secretary More >

Petrol rations in New York with power still out

A new petrol rationing plan that lets motorists fill up every other day goes into effect in New York as a storm that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of new people erased some of the progress made by utility crews. Police will be at petrol stations on Friday morning to enforce the new More >

Congresswoman Giffords attacker gets life sentence

A man whose 2011 shooting rampage killed six people and wounded 13 others, including US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has been ordered to serve seven consecutive life sentences, plus 140 years in a federal jail. Jared Lee Loughner, 24, pleaded guilty under an agreement that guarantees he will More >

French woman elected as Interpol President

Interpol has elected a French police commissioner known for her drive against organised crime in Bordeaux and Corsica as its first female president at its general assembly in Rome. “Mireille Balestrazzi of France becomes the first woman to be elected president of Interpol,” the world’s top More >

Woman driver to wear ‘idiot’ sign as punishment

A woman caught on camera driving on a footpath to avoid a Cleveland school bus that was unloading children will have to stand at an intersection wearing a sign warning about idiots. Court records show a Cleveland Municipal Court judge has ordered 32-year-old Shena Hardin to stand at an intersection More >

Airlines suspend flights to New York amid US weather fears

Airlines have suspended flights to and from New York in response to gale-force winds, while residents in the area still recovering from superstorm Sandy braced for new flooding. The severe weather, with sleet, rain and winds gusting up to 95 kilometres an hour, came just over a week after More >
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