This Is The Most Corrupt Supreme Court In USA History

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The Most Corrupt Supreme Court In USA History. The people of the United States of America should be waking up to the fact that the Supreme Court of America is firmly bought and paid for by those who want to take away their freedom and their choice.

It is unthinkable that the highest court in the land would rule that a President have absolute immunity for criminal acts he or she performed during their presidency and that the guard rails that the Constitution put in place that allowed checks and balances are no longer important.

The Democratic party must now address the court and put in place regulations that allow the courts to stop making up their own rules, Americans must recognise the real agenda of the Supreme Court. They see Donald Trump as a puppet and they are the puppet masters.

The Supreme Court hope that the American people are so blind and stupid that they will elect Donald Trump again as President and this will allow the six Republicans on the Supreme Court to erode the rights of the American people further.

They have already eroded the rights of millions of women by overturning Roe v Wade and that decision allows some states to take away the rights of women over their bodies. Although the popular media will not report these disgusting acts by the Supreme Court there are thousands of women in the USA who live in Republican states that have to undergo the draconian abortion rules that they put in place by most men who do not have a clue about what women go through when they have to decide to have an abortion.

It is vital that if Americans want to protect their rights and their democracy they do not only have to vote for President Biden but all democrat house representatives and the Senate, that way President Biden will have the ability to get rid of all the draconian laws that Trump and his allies put into place and create laws and legislation that benefit the American people and protect their democracy.

The fate of the biggest democracy in the world is in jeopardy and it is only the American voters who can fix it at the polls if you people do not want World War Three to begin and millions of people to die make sure that Donald Trump never see the inside of the White House again.


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