Man Fell Off Plane Into Clapham Resident Garden

According to a media report, a man fell off a plane that came from Kenya into the garden of a Clapham resident.

I cannot understand what level of poverty or other factors would allow someone to stow away on a plane that flies at least 30 thousand feet high. What is happening into our world that causes people such despair that they would rather risk their lives to come to what they assume is a country that can offer them a better way of life.

It was reported, by the police that a bag, water and food was found in the landing gear area of the plane when it landed and inspection was carried out.  For the resident that was sunbathing when the body dropped into his garden, this must leave him so frighten and scare. It leaves many of us who live in the Clapham area that are in flight path a little concern that something like this to happen to anyone of us and we have to be vigilant when we are using our gardens.

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Bound baby facebook photograph

By Sandrea: MY Gripe

It is unbelievable that Mr Curry is pleading not guilty to aggravated domestic battery for bounding is 22 month old baby and having the audacity to photograph the child and put the picture on facebook.

His behaviour is deplorable and in bad taste and if he believes that facebook user find anything funny in what he did, he is fooling himself in a big way.

Child abuse is one of the biggest issue that face our environment and nothing that promotes child abuse can be seen as funny and parents are suppose to protect their children not subject them that those ridiculous abuses and I hope that they throw the book at him.

How much more child abuse can we allow our society to tolerate and I suppose that Mr Curry believes that displaying is child in such a manner is cool, well he needs to know that I find that deplorable.

The video below, from YouTube is a typical example of abuse children and the numbers thereof, to see someone in a powerful country like the US using is child in that manner defy logic.


If you feel as angry as I do, please leave your comments, I would like to see how many people feel disgusted about Mr Curry behaviour.

Homes show just how out of touch Republican Candidates are with the average American.


By Mary Armstrong

I watch the TODAY show every day. It is a morning news show that airs on the NBC network every day in the United States. A recent segment gave viewers a peek of the homes of all the Republican Presidential Candidates. Every home was, well, a mansion. In fact, some candidates owned more than one mansion; Mitt Romney owns six!

I watched this segment with a sickening feeling. All of the candidates give speeches on economic recession, unemployment, poverty, even home foreclosure, but none of these candidates know the reality behind any of these issues. When I saw the photos of the candidates’ homes, I could hear each candidate saying, “Look at me! Look at me! I own a big mansion, and you live in a crappy one bedroom apartment. Let’s face it; you will never live in luxury like I do.” Their homes just scream, “I’m rich, and I want everyone to know it.” It’s actually quite egotistical. Especially in the case of Mitt Romney; who owns six homes.

Before seeing where they lived, I hadn’t really given much thought to just how affluent most American politicians really are. Now I have seen actual proof, and now I know why the most powerful government in the world is failing. It is run by a bunch of people who know nothing about average life. They don’t live average lives, and they know nothing about the struggles that most people face every day.

If you don’t live a life of struggle, then you don’t have the experience and information needed to make the policies that can actually fix the problems of today’s world. None of these candidates have this experience. The only things they possess are good marketing, public relations and public speaking skills. Yes, these skills will win you an election, but they won’t make you a good president.

Here is the clip from the TODAY Show:

Author Bio: Mary Armstrong is a writer and editor for <ahref= >Medical Assistant Colleges</a>. In her spare time, she enjoys writing articles for various other sites on various topics of interest.

This is not an arrange marriage, it is abuse

Every culture has it definition of what is acceptable within the manner in which they perceive themselves, and in most part they are right and society will mostly tolerate the way in which people and their culture impact on us.

I am not here to judge or to cast aspiration on the way in which other people live within the confines of their culture however, I cannot in all honesty see where it is acceptable for a fifteen year old child to be forced into an arrange marriage or what can she bring to that marriage apart from naivety.

These individuals that force their daughters to be married at that age are damaging the child and in my opinion this is child abuse and I cannot understand the mentality of the people who would allow their children to have to endure this out-dated and ridiculous tradition.

To read about the torture that this child endure in what is suppose to be an arrange marriage is unacceptable to society and the people who perpetrate this vile behaviour should be charged with child abuse, reckless endangerment of a minor and  put in prison where they belong.

It is understandable that life in countries such as Afghanistan must be very difficult to tolerate and the citizen have to endure problems that we should not be seeing in the 21st century and irrespective of the wars that have been fought in order to improve the lives of these people, no one can honestly say that they are better off than before the war.

But, that is no justification for a mother or father for that matter to hand over their child to some paedophile, because that is exactly what those men are who believe that it is acceptable for them to marry children so young.  They may be of the impression that having a young wife is cool, it is not it is a disgraceful behaviour and irrespective of what tradition exist within the culture there should be an acceptable boundary that one does not cross and taking a child of that age for a wife is crossing the boundary.

I am please that the Afghanistan government, find the behaviour of these individuals repugnant and that they will not only use words, but put in place legislation to prevent these underage marriage continuing in the country,

Finally justice is served

The conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris is not going to bring back Steven Lawrence, but the thought that those two will spend their miserable lives in prison provide some comfort for the Lawrence family and those that have fought for justice for so long.

It took the death of Stephen for this country officials to wake up to the fact that racism was alive and kicking in the UK, and in particular the metropolitan police service who had they did their job without their racist attitudes those two hooligans would have been imprisoned a long time ago.

There is no excuse for the behaviour of the police service, following the fatal stabbing of Steven; this boy was not a hooligans he was a bright intelligent young man who had everything to live for until he had the unfortunate encounter with Gary Dobson and David Norris.

No amount of apology by the government, or the Metropolitan police will ever be acceptable.  If Gary and David knew that they would have been hunted if they undertake a crime then they would have thing twice about murdering Steven, but they were aware that the price that is place on a young black life was next to nothing by the authorities as they believe that every young black person must be involved in drugs and have criminal intent and therefore they did not care about what happen to Stephen.

Irrespective, of what the commission may say about the conduct of the police at the time of Stephen’s death, the black community is under no illusions that the Metropolitan police service has not made any dramatic change in their behaviour towards the black community in particular young black men. They can put all their so-called policies in place but, until you can legislate against how people behave and their personal beliefs then no amount of policies are going to stop racism.

I wish that Doreen will at least find some kind of peace, it has been too long and as her son rest in peace she will at least know that two of the perpetrators of her son’s death will end up in prison

Christmas greeting

To all my friends and supporter over the last year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous New year and hope to have your continued support in the New year.

For the supporters that do not celebrate christmas as their special day, I still wish you the best on your celebratory day.

May we all find peace and tranquility and most of all be our bother’s keeper and wish that the 2012 will bring with joy, peace, happiness and brotherhood within all race, creed, and in particular nation.

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Racist who do they think they are?

The current YouTube video that depict a mother with a child in her arms hurling racist abuse towards fellow travellers on the tram, once again demonstrate that racism is still alive and kicking in the UK.

These individuals seems to forget that the majority of, especially blacks that they meet everyday are in fact people who are born in this country and have the right to be here and the right not to have abuse hurled at them from individuals with limited intelligence, because it is only ignorant people that deemed it necessary to be racist.

Racism cannot no longer be tolerated or be disguise as been frustration because of crime as crimes and criminal activities are undertaken by people of every race and creed.

Her abuse to these people about ‘going back where they came from’, where does she come from and who told her that she has more rights to be here than the individuals that she was hurling abuse at.

I am pleased that someone on that tram had the insight to video her ridiculous rant and upload it on You Tube for the world to see how ignorant and stupid she made herself look and equally pleased that the police deemed it necessary to arrest her and I hope that not only will she face charges and end up in prison but that her child is taken from her.

Her behaviour demonstrate that she does not have the ability to raise children in a multi-cultural society and if given the opportunity she will not be teaching her children how to behave in such a society but would be implanting racist and bigoted attitude to those children and in my opinion that would be cruel and detrimental to these kids.

If social services does not get involve they would be doing a great damage to these children and if there is a case that children or a child should be remove from a parent this is indeed one of those time.  Her behaviour was deplorable ranting, raving and swearing with a child in her arms, come on this is child abuse at it worse.

The outcome of her behaviour should be such that it would make any other mother think twice and that it is unacceptable to behave in such a way think twice before they undertake such uncalled for behaviour irrespective of what cause the problem in the first place.

It is important that individuals are aware that we now reside in an advance technological age and bad behaviour that would have gone unnoticed is no longer the case, with so much smart phones around people need to be careful what they say how they say it and the manner in which they conduct themselves.

Let us keep our eyes on the outcome of this case the outcome is going to be an experience.

Politics and Integrity

By Sandrea: MY OPINION

It would appear that these days that there is no integrity where some politicians are concern and that should make the voters very sceptical at whom we decide to put into power to govern our lives for the five years that they are elected.

A Prime Minister should be an individual that is beyond reproach that person should be one that think with his or her brain and not other parts of their anatomy yet it would seem that more and more these days that some politician cannot help but constantly put their foot in their mouth.

It is rather pathetic that the British Prime Minister have to apologise for sexist remarks that was made to not only a female member of the Labour party, but in fact a female member of his own party and these remark just goes to demonstrate the kind of person that we have as our Prime Minister.

These individuals seems to believe that they can make outrageous remark and then apologise and everything should be find, what they fail to realise that most people say what they really believe and the words that came out of David Cameron’s mouth is not a mistake but that manner in which he hold the females of either party and in particular female in general.  I suppose he believe that woman should know their place, be tied to the kitchen sink and stay home and have babies and be there to please the man folk in every way except by using their brain.

Mr Cameron needs to realise that this is not the 10th century we are no longer living in the dark ages and that women have made positive changes and have been awarded with making fundamental contribution to our society and will continue to do so long after he his removed from office and from being Prime Minister of this country.

Is remark is unforgiveable and smack of contempt at his worse, and as Prime Minister he should know better and should have the intellectual skills and ability to choose is words with care and not just utter anything that pop up in his head.

However, until he make such stupid and uncalled for remarks many may have seen him as a good choice for PM, but he has affectedly shatter that notion by his own words, I would hope that for the few more months that he has as PM he would be a bit more circumspect and choose his language much more productive rather than the counter-productive manner in which he has done.

Britain economy not grim it is diabolical

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

Vince Cable telling us that the British economy could do a free fall and we could end up with another financial crisis is nothing new to the people of this country; we are already feeling the brunt of the problem.

It never ceases to amaze me that every time there is a so-called conservative government we end up with diabolical financial crisis and a struggling economy. However, this time the conservative can share the blame with the LibDem, and that will be an interesting thing to see.

We are already aware of how bad the economy is and that is borne out with the cost of living and the amount of expenditure that most poor households are experiencing, the cost of living have rocketed in the last two years and the people who have to cope with the high cost of surviving is naturally the most vulnerable within our society.

This country will always face economic crisis because the government do not seems to realise that people are its biggest asset and if you do not invest in people that you are always going to end with the crisis that we are now facing, they seems to always go for quick fix and that just patch the problems it does not repair the overwhelming damage that has been done to our economy.

Education is the way forward and one of the ways in which we can build a strong economic base, yet young people are facing an uphill task just to be able to acquire a university degree, and those who manage to go to university leave with debt hanging over their head even before they acquire their first job.

This government and past conservative administration always target the poor of society and by doing so they create more poverty, less job, and a frustrated nation of people who begin to take ‘a do not care attitude’ and then they have the audacity to be surprise when the country falls into recession and our economic outlook is deemed dire.

Granted the world may be facing financial crisis and that have an impact on the UK however we could be in a stronger position if our government was a forward thinking rather than one that continues to live in the past and constantly try to reverse the British way of life by pushing it further in to the archaic age.

A country that does not take care of its children and its old people will eventually find themselves in crisis, first the children because they are the future and secondly, the elderly because they have the experience that is necessary to progress the country and this government does not have a clue how to do that so them being in the situation that they are in is no surprise to the vast majority of us who understand that they have made a complete cock-up of the whole situation.

It is such a shame that we do not have a progressive government and all that we can do is to tighten our belts and ride out the financial crisis that is bound to hit us much harder than it is now, and hope that the next election we elect individuals that will be able to bring back the country from the brink of financial collapse and put us back on the road to recovery.