How Can Trump Continue To Threaten The American People

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How Can Trump Continue To Threaten The American People

It is unbelievable that Donald Trump is allowed to threaten the American people without being held accountable for his actions. Free speech may be enshrined in the constitution but, there comes a time when free speech is no longer that, it is about direct threat.

To suggest that there will be a “bloodbath” if he does not win the next election is a direct threat. People seem to forget his speech on January 6 2021 after he lost a free and fair election.

The world cannot understand why Donald Trump is allowed to get away with his criminal activities. Just imagine Barrack Obama did the things that Trump did and continues to do I am pretty sure the Supreme Court would not be lining up to protect him he would by now be in prison and the Republicans would be elated that they put a Black ex-President in jail.

The standard that they are using to protect this twice-impeached convicted sex offender is mind boggling to the outside world. Donald Trump is a danger to our society, he has no morals, dignity, integrity or honesty and the people who are behind him support him in his disgusting behaviour or even worse.

It would seem that these people do not learn from history, if Donald Trump was ever allowed to go back to the White House American democracy as we know it would be destroyed and an autocratic government would be installed with Trump as the head.

The first people to be put in prison would be newspaper personnel, the judges on the Supreme Court then anyone who he deemed betrayed him.

America needs to wake up and recognise what Donald Trump is he does not have any loyalty to anyone he only thinks about himself. He is a selfish self-centred narcissistic moron and that will never change.

The American justice system seems to be biased against Blacks and non-White people.  If Barrack Obama did the things that Donald Trump is being accused of doing he would be already in an orange jumpsuit and no one would care that he is an ex-president.

Donald Trump is a twice impeached, convicted sex offender with 91 criminal charges against him and still, people are failing to see that this idiot is a narcissistic, unintelligent, no-integrity moron.  He is a pathological liar he does not know the truth even if it jumps up and bites him on the behind.  

He has no record to run on and even though the American people can see the progress that Joe Biden made he is trying to convince them that he is the one who lowered unemployment had the best stock market ever, put more money into the American people hands, got rid of student loans for millions of Americans, reduce the cost of drugs, the infrastructure bill and the list of Biden achievements goes on and on.

Quite frankly, the world is fed up with Donald Trump and if the American justice system does not do something about him then the USA cannot tell any other country about the rule of law.  If America says that no one is above the law then they need to show the rest of the world that they are serious about that.

President Biden needs to do something about the Supreme Court there are too many corrupt justices there.  They are supposed to be non-partisan but they are not and that is primarily due to Mitch McConnell he will die sooner rather than later but the policies he helped to create will hurt the American people for decades unless the Democrats fix it.

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