What In the World Is Fundamentally Wrong With Republicans

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The world in my opinion is looking at the United States and laughing their heads off.  How can the Republican party allow themselves to be led by a narcissistic, lying disgusting and inhuman person like Donald Trump? There was a time when the Republican party stood for something even if one did not agree with how they enacted policies.

The Republican party has allowed Donald Trump to lead them down a rabbit hole which they will never emerge from and although it is a blessing for the Democrat party for democracy to be preserved a country like the United States needs two decent and functioning parties.

Donald Trump is a wannabe dictator, he is jealous of the likes of Putin North Korean leader and China. He is willing to destroy the US Constitution to keep him in power if he ever gets to the White House again and there are elected Republicans who took an oath to uphold the Constitution that are ignoring it just to please an old decrepit no integrity like Donald Trump and that is sad.

One would believe that these elected Republicans were elected because they promised to put the American people first and in the last year especially those Republicans in Congress as demonstrated that they do not have the American people’s interest at heart only their allegiance to a wannabe dictator.

The last straw is the Border Bill which Republicans destroyed because Donald Trump wanted to run on the border issues does the Republicans believe that the American people are stupid and that they do not know what Trump is up to?

I know that come November there are going to be hundreds of Republicans that are going to their seats and that will be good for American democracy the American people will have a Senate, Congress and White House that will work for them and they will see more amazing changes to their lives.

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