Donald Trump Has Sunken So Low His Lies Know No Boundaries


There is a saying “When you are on the ground you can only pick up dirt”. People who have integrity, empathy, decency and honesty are perplexed at the disgrace that Donald Trump is.

It is unbelievable that in one of the biggest democracies in the world, the people were foolish enough to elect an individual like Donald Trump to become their president. The office of the Presidency is supposed to be honourable, dignified, decent and above all truthful.

Donald Trump is the biggest disgrace to that office and the thought that he believes that he should be allowed to hold that office once again is downright ridiculous.

In my opinion, Donald Trump is the biggest liar that exists on this planet there is no one else who could tell bare-faced lies like Trump. The worst part is that he can convince thousands of people to believe his lies.

The peaceful transfer of power is the bedrock of American democracy and Donald Trump shattered that illusion with his lies about a stolen election that did not happen. This narcissist could not believe that 81 million people at the height of a pandemic rejected him in favour of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has been impeached twice, found guilty of sexual assault and has 91 felony charges outstanding against him. Yet the narcissism within this diabolical individual cannot seem to comprehend that the American people including millions of Republicans does not want anything to do with him.

The telltale aspect of Donald Trump’s demise is that his wife does not seem to go anywhere with him and he cannot get the kind of donations necessary to run a campaign effectively.

I cannot believe that people can not see that everything that Donald Trump touches deteriorates or ends up in bankruptcy. One just has to see the number of lawyers that align themselves with Donald Trump and most have lost their law license or are on the verge of being disbarred.

Donald Trump is Toxic and anything he touches or people who align themselves with him will be burned because Trump only cares about one person and that is himself.

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