The day the world was shaken to its core

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Today marked the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 bombing and a day in which mankind showed how indifferent they were to each other and the propensity that human beings has to create havoc and mayhem.

As we reflect on the devastation that was witness ten years ago, let us not forget the more than 3,000 people who are no longer with us who’s life and liberty was taken away from then in the most cruellest way. People who did not get the opportunity to say goodbye to their love ones, all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephew, husbands and wives whose life was ripped apart by the callousness of individuals that had no respect for their lives much more for the ones that they have taken.

Today among the pain and anger that we still feel let us remember that Osama bin Laden and some of his deputies are no longer on this planet and having orchestrate the bombing of the World Trade Centre and the dead of so many his life was taken away from him by individuals who had vow to track him down and ensure that he was no longer in the position to cause any further mayhem on our fragile planet.

My sympathy and condolence goes out to all those that are left behind and in particular to my brother how lost his wife on that terrible day ten years ago. His life and that of his children was completely ripped apart and ten years on he still is unable to come to terms with the way in which his life was shattered by the stupidity of idiotic individuals.

So, let us bow our heads in silence wherever you are and offer a prayer for those lost loves ones and ask the Lord to keep us safe from all those fanatical individuals that are still among us and hope that in the future we will never again have to experience any such crime against humanity.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not die but have everlasting life”.  May the souls of those that died 9/11 rest in peace and will one day awaken to the glory of God.

Peace is with you and my peace I give unto you, rest my brothers and sisters, your death will never be in vain.

Hypocrisy Spy Agent Bed mate

By Sandrea:-My Opinion

With the tenth anniversary of September eleven looming everyone can still remember the atrocities that was witness and understand the level at which terrorist will go to put across their points irrespective of how idiotic they may be.

However, there can never be any justification to accept or be part of the torture of another human being despite what atrocities they may have carried out as individuals that are torture tend to say what their torturer wants to hear and therefore the information that they may pass on is either lies or half-truths.

The hypocrisy of spy agents to use countries such as Libya to obtain information from suspected terrorist is disgusting because they are aware that in their country that system would not be tolerated by their citizen if this method of treatment is made public so they have no compunction in sending these individuals to be torture in order to get information they believe that these individuals posses.

For decades the international community shun Libya and see Gaddafi as nothing more than a terrorist and then because he accept responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing suddenly he become a trust part of the community and they began to use his system of terror to gather information, how hypocritical that is.

Gaddafi, not been the flavour of the month, the same individual side with the ‘freedom fighters’ in Libya to overthrow his regime. It is unbelievable the levels that these so-called spy agents will sink to acquire information despite the atrocities that may be attach to how the information is collected. These individuals seem to hold themselves about democratic process and believe that terrorism scare us so much that we will turn a blind eye to whatever clandestine operation they may be involved in.

The greater majority of individuals want to be safe from terrorist attack and we understand that there are certain actions that our security force may need to take in order to protect the nation, however it is important that we keep ourselves above the terrorist because if we undertake the same methods they use then we cannot any longer hold a moral ground.  Security service must do their jobs, but above all they should do so with integrity and never stoop to the tactics used by terrorist.

Who lose when education becomes a battlefield?

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The proposal by Edinburgh university to charge English students considerable more in tuition fees than for Scottish students is disgraceful, if this proposal is agreed upon.

This is discrimination at its worse and in the long-term it is the student and the next generation that suffers and it seems to me to be smack of hypocrisy.  I cannot believe that these institutions and their governing body do not realise that they are using their so-called powers to destroy the education of young people.

Education should be the right of an individual, yet the government and institution make it so difficult for the young to attend university and then they wonder why we have a society whereby young people rebel in such dramatic manner. 

It is understandable that young people are frustrated and for those that will not allow the government and institution to prevent them from acquiring a university education they begin their working life with debts hanging over their heads.  The vast majority of students come from poor family and by attending university they hope to pull themselves out of poverty, but how can they do so when they have these enormous tuition debts hanging over them.   

There cannot be no basic in law for the Scottish to be trying to discriminate against English students and I am sure that they are well aware of those facts however, they believe that in this climate whereby education is being used as a political football they can just about get away with blatant discrimination and that no one will pay attention to what they are proposing.

Irrespective of where the university placements are every student should know that should they attend they will be treated equally, fairly and just and Scottish proposal does not allow this to happen.

Even though I disagree completely with tuition fees I have to however, accept the Welsh system of helping their student to attend university and the fact that they do not wish student to pay more than £3000, toward their education.

If these institution make it difficult for young people to attend university what do they believe is going to happen to this vast amount of youngster that cannot further their education.  Country like Japan spend so much on their young people to ensure that they can compete effective on the world stage yet it would appear that England and now Scotland believe that education should be a right for the privilege few and that the majority should not be given that right.

Government need to understand that if the recent riots across England are anything to go by, when young people get frustrated their anger becomes counter-productive and although the majority of people do not agree with that kind of violence it is understandable from a young person prospective.

I hope that this proposal by the Scottish will be defeated and students will not be discriminated against irrespective of where they live, if they wish to study at Edinburgh University they should do so in the knowledge that they are been treated fairly and equally.

Winning the war against terrorist

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

First Osama Bin Laden, now Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, two of the most influential people within Al- Qaeda have been wiped out by security services and the world breathes a sigh of relief.

Could this be the demise of this terrorist network or are there more people lining up to fill the vacuum that these two individual have left. The security services having dealt such a significant blow to the structure of Al-Qaeda need to continue to target those other lieutenant to ensure that they do not regain the ability to wreak anymore havoc on innocent people.

With the anniversary of 9/11 approaching the families that have lost their love one in that tragedy must be elated that these two individuals are no longer alive and cannot cause anymore grieve and we have to be grateful to the security forces that have track down these individuals and eliminate from our planet.

It is however, important that we do not relax our grip on these terror organisation because although they have a temporary setback in the death of their leader and second in command does not mean that the remainder of these hooligans are going to just disappear and abandon their system of terror, it is important for us to continue to take out the top of the group and continue to weaken their structure and hope that it will finally collapse and we can see a vast reduction in the terror that these individuals and their cohorts have cause to others.

I hope that terror group around the world will look at this as a defeat of their terrorist activities and realise that we are not prepared to allow them to disrupt our way of life, we are not prepared to let them murder and maim innocent people for a stupidity and the fact that they have warp ideologies that they themselves cannot not even justify or explains.

The terrorist should now understand that if as they allege we in the west or infidels and that they have a divine reasons for targeting us and murdering us because they are protected by a so-called prophet that tell them that it is right to murder those that do not believe as they do, then they should now realise what utter crap that his because two of their leaders how have systematically called for the death of so-called infidels are no longer with us and have been eliminated by the very infidels they so despise.

We are breathing a sigh of relief, but we are not going to let complacency allow us to get off our guard and we will continue to be vigilant in our pursuit of the other members of Al-Qaeda, in the meantime there is much to celebrate and we should.

Grandparents role in rearing children

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

It comes as no surprise that grandparents are in the forefront of helping to raise their grandchildren.

The dynamic of grandparents have changed consider over the last twenty years whereby the age at which individuals become grandparents gets younger with each passing year.  Today’s grandparents are in their forties and fifties and having raised their children they still feel the need to play an active role in raising grandchildren.  Grandparents are fitter and stronger that their previous counter-part and therefore have the ability to raised their grandchildren effectively.

I am a grandparents and between my four children there are nine grandchildren and I am still in my early fifties and I have an active role in helping to raise my grandchildren and their parent look to me for guidance and help and because of the manner in which my children was rear, they insist that their children is raised in the same way.

My children was raise with a sense of pride in themselves they were though discipline and were give boundary throughout their childhood and most importantly they knew that they were loved, so the same values that they were raised with they are now with my help raising my grandchildren.

What the rest of countries like the US are just finding out is something that most people in the Caribbean have know for decades, the majority of children in the Caribbean are primarily raised by grandparents as the parent of children leave the areas they reside in to go into the capital to search for work the onus is on the grandparents to raised the children.

Grandparents should play a part in their grandchildren life and any parent who prevent their parent from been an important part of their grandchildren are doing an injustice to those children.

I am please that the US is recognising the tremendous contribution that grandparents are making to the up-bringing of their grandchildren.

The 15 minutes of fame syndrome

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

It is unbelievable the lengths that some people will go to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame, and they do not seems to care who they hurt in order to get on the television and that is just gross.

Jessica Beagley, pouring hot sauce in the mouth of her adopted son and letting the child stand in cold water is just despicable.  What kind of parents would do such a vile thing to a child just so that she can appear on a television programme leave me speechless?

I understand the difficulty in raising hyperactive children, it is not an easy thing to do, especially having the school constantly calling you to take the child out of school because their behaviour is disrupting the education of the other children, it make you feel as if you have lost the battle to raise your children effectively.

Despite the problems that I faced with my daughter, and she was a hand full, it never occur to me to punish her in any demeaning or abusive manner, yes she was punished but it would be taking away her favourite toys, ensuring that she did not watch her favourite cartoon programme and explain to her the reasons why she was being punished, and always let her know that I love her dearly, so I find it appalling when parents say that because they have children with ‘behavioural problems’ that they have to resort to the vile manner in which Jessica Beagley resorted to with her adopted son.

I also believe that the programme should bear some form of responsibility for allowing individual to abuse their children in order to get the viewer riled up; it is disgusting and unnecessary and should not be allowed.

Desperation, because your child has a behavioural problem is no excuse to abuse either physically or verbally.  Discipline is something that I strongly believe that every child should be taught because in the long run they tend to grow-up with respect and manners however, discipline does not mean that a child should be subjected to abuse from their parents and any parent who believe that abusing a child is anyway to raised them need their head examine.

Those children should be taken away from her and she should be sent to prison for her repulsive behaviour and she should never be able to adopt any child again, people like Jessica Beagley have lost the right to be parent when they commit such behaviour against children. 

I have sympathy for the fact that she may have had to deal with a difficult child because I understand the dynamics of rearing those children, what I cannot forgive her for is the way in which she treated that child and in particular she did so because she want her fifteen minutes of fame by been on a television programme- ridiculous.

Women, Rape & Honesty

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Following the New York judge decision to drop all charges against former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, what has this decision means for many women who have been assaulted by individuals that believes that because of their status or possession they can get away with just about anything.

Having said that, if Mr Strauss-Kahn, is truly innocent of the allegations against him he as suffers tremendously in the last 3 months he has his reputation smeared and a cloud hanging over his head that should never have happen, and regardless of the fact that the Judge drop the charges he will always have this shadow of doubt haunting him throughout his life.

Rape is a very serious violation of a human being right, to be force to do something that you do not wish and having another human being forcing themselves on you cannot be a pleasant thing for any female to have to experience and those that have had to go through this horrifying ordeal must be livid at that fact that anyone can accuse another of such a vile act.

I cannot believe that the DA and the judicial system in the US with all of the DNA protocol and the ability to determine whether a person has been assaulted sexually would take this action unless they are certain that the DNA finding does not point to the fact that this man had commit this assault.

It make me very angry that if Nafissatou Diallo who accuse Mr Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her and it was indeed untruth then she would have single-handedly did severe damage to those who have been truly assaulted by another and would make many women that this crime has happen to feel afraid to go to the authority and report such crime.

In my opinion if the DA can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the allegations were indeed false then that female should be prosecuted for what she did and she should not be allowed to be able to proceed with any civil actions against Mr Strauss-Kahn.  If they do not do so then they would allow someone to tarnish the reputation of another and be allowed to continue this facade and it is wrong.

Do not get me wrong I despise any male who force themselves on a female and I find that totally and utterly appalling because rape is about control, the ability to make another human being do what you want them to do without choice and that I detest.

Mr Strauss-Khan may have behave inappropriately, and if he did he should be ashamed of himself but to be labelled a rapist is not something that any innocent person should have to face and I tend to believe the DA that they did not find any evidence to sustain the charges.

I cannot believe that it is only credibility issues with Miss Diallo that would make the DA refer the case to the judge to be dismissed, there has to other issues which we have not been told about because no one like a person accuse of rape and therefore they would have to be able to show something more than her credibility in order to abandon her case.

Children and drugs

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Yet another family is devastated by the death of a child and once again the use of drugs maybe the cause of this unfortunate incident.

When will young people learn that drugs is not ‘cool’ it is not hip and the more they experiment with hard core drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin and ecstasy they are putting themselves in danger and if they do not become addicted then most will die.

The epidemic of drugs is out of control and the families who are left to pick up the pieces when a child die following the use of drugs is taking its toll on our society.  Irrespective of what the authority do to control the flow of drugs in our community there are however, the unscrupulous individual who will do everything in their power to ensure the drug trade continue and more and more young people become addicts.

It is now time for us to educate effectively young people about the individual that traffic drugs and stop colour coding the problem by letting them believe that drug barons are some sleazy person in our community.  The trafficking of drugs can never be undertaken by the poor of society drug trafficking require a sophisticate organisation and that can only achieve by individuals with the money to do so.

Drug takers need to understand that the individuals that are involved in the drugs trade do not use the products their children go the best university about and are banned from taking drugs, yet they are quite willing to send the flow of drugs in our community to pollute our children because the community is primarily make up of poor and destitute people and young people see drugs as the way out of poverty and if we do not change this way of thinking and give young people a positive stake within their community then we are going to have more Serena Harding.

This beautiful young lady lost her life even before it began, someone who should have so much to offer to her community is dead because of drugs we must not and cannot allow this trend to continue and the government have a tremendous role to play in ensuring that drugs are kept off our street and the perpetrators of vile and outrageous act are found, tried, convicted and imprison, our young people is crying out for action and we must give it to them.

It is naive of anyone to believe that we can eradicate the use of drugs but we have to reduce the flow to a trickle in order to save more of the next generation, drugs and it use have cost the NHS millions to help addicts, for counselling, programmes to ensure they have a safe place to go when they decide to be free of drugs and that is not just a financial burden for the NHS but the community as a whole and we have to address this trend as a matter of urgency and do not wait until we lose another young person to drugs before we again start putting our hands in the air and asking why?

Good on you Cleggy, brilliant idea

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Well it is about time that someone one comes up with solutions free from racism, bigotry and one that the community can get behind.

I do not much care for this coalition government, but I have to admit that the proposal that Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister as put forward regarding the rioters is one that I whole-heartedly approve of and one that I believe the wider community will back him with.

Mr Clegg propose that those who have been convicted of rioting should ‘wear orange vest’ whereby the will be clearly visible when they are made to clean up the communities that they stupidly ruin during the four nights of rioting and violence.

Making these individuals face the consequences of their action may just prevent anyone from associating or even contemplating undertaking the kind of carnage that was witness by the people around the country.  What Mr Clegg have propose is not in any way ostracising the convicted rioters but allowing them to face their communities and the people that they have made prisoners in their homes, they having to face up to the consequences of their actions and do so publicly will ensure that others will not want to follow along this path irrespective of what community that they come from.

David Cameron could learn a thing or two from Nick Clegg, Mr Clegg proposal was not that of a knee-jerk reaction or those put across because of pressure from the media and the community, unlike Cameron his idea will be embrace by the community.  What made David Cameron believe that evicting people from their home, cutting the benefit from individuals that cannot manage in the first place would be an ideal that is backed by the public demonstrate how little he knows the majority of the British people.

Government should never bow to pressure of minority people or put in place any kind of legislation that isolate the majority and I believe that as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg show a strength of leadership, community savvy and most importantly the ability to bring the community with him in trying to ensure that we do not see another riot on the streets of London or in fact across the country and in my opinion that is what a leader should be all about and David Cameron lack the ability and the skills and maybe it should be Nick Clegg who was appointed Prime Minister.

In my opinion what separate Cameron views from Clegg is that as a Liberal Mr Clegg is more in tune with the people and history as prove over and over that the Conservative party as always been nothing but controversial and the reasons they are like that is because they tend to listen to the views of the minority rather than the majority and the only time that they pretend to listen to the majority is near an election and as we see from Cameron’s reactions during and after the riots it is very clear that he has no clue about the requirements of the country and him being the Prime Minister was a grave mistake.

Prime Minister need to exercise strength be cool and collective in times of war or aggression they need to be able to not bow to the pressure of a few but demonstrate leadership and the skill to deal effectively with the nation in times of conflict and Cameron is certainly not that person, so once again I congratulate Nick Clegg on his idea and hope it is put in place forthwith.

BBC Apology, Unacceptable

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Yet again this is another stigmatisation of young black men within our community and if the BBC believe that they can make some vacuous apology to the black community and all will be forgiven they are sadly mistaken.

What it is with these so-called cooperation that believes they have the unmitigating right to label people and community without cause?  I cannot believe that the BBC and its employees were watching the same riots that the vast majority of us was seeing unfolding because I am sure that they rioter were not only black as is suggested by that ridiculous title and it does offend us tremendously.

It is time for institutional racism to be abolish and the fact that in the twenty first century we can still be subjected to this kind of blatant racist title makes me very angry indeed and I would imagine so is a lot of black parents across the country.

Apologising is not good enough, you cannot lock the gate after the horse has gone through it, and once you ring a bell it cannot unring.

Where are the intellectual and intelligent people who are suppose to work at the BBC, do not tell me that a title like that did not ring alarm bell in someone in order for them to decide that it was grossly inappropriate and would be extremely offensive to especially young black men.

If something is wrong with young black men, which there isn’t, then it is ill-thought out comment and headlines such as that made by the BBC that make them angry.  If the BBC during the covering of the riots made it absolutely clear that the rioters were a mixture of everyone then why would they then create a headline such as “Is there a problem with young black men?” it does not make sense the only way that they would come up with such a thought provoking title is if they believe that the rioters were primarily young black men and therefore that is why that title was put forward.

The BBC must believe that all black people are stupid and unintelligent for them to say that they apologise if they cause offence to our community, what did they believe that would happen with such an emotive headline, do they things we were just going to sit back and let them cast such a gross and unfair aspiration on us and we say and do nothing.   This is not the dark ages and we certainly cannot be told to shut up when insensitive remark like those are make.

I personally do not believe the apology is genuine and I would imagine that there are many black people who feel exactly as I do.

There is no way that there should have to be an apology if the BBC would put across title for discussion that does not inflame a community, irrespective of how much they apologise I do not believe it, this was a callous and calculating title and I do not believe a single word they say no matter how many time they apologise.