The Tape Is Out Can MAGA Republicans Defend Trump Lies

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The Tape Is Out Can MAGA Republicans Defend Trump Lies? Donald Trump told the entire world via social media, television interviews, and campaign speech that, as the President of the United States, he had every right to keep classified documents. He when as far as to say he can de-classified documents by just thinking about them.

Everyone with a brain which knows the Presidential and Espionage Act knows that Donald Trump was feeding his idiotic supporters a load of bull. But the MAGA Republicans ate it up as if their life depended on it, which is the making of people with cult syndrome.

According to various media outlets, CNN was sent a tape of Donald Trump discussing confidential documents with people who did not have the clearance or authority to see those documents. Contrary to what he told the Fox interviewer that the papers were just news clippings, the tape proved that he lied because, from the tape recording, you can hear Donald Trump tell the individuals present at the meeting that the documents were highly classified. He could have de-classified them when he was President, but he could not now because he was no longer a President.

The President of the USA must not only have integrity but must protect the Constitution, members of the military, and all US citizens and, more importantly, protect America’s secrets from foreign and domestic individuals who do not meet the security clearance criteria.

To put Donald Trump back in the White House would be giving him the tools to destroy America’s Democracy, her Constitution and, most of all, allow the world privilege to America’s secrets.

Most MAGA Republicans in Congress and the Senate do not have a brain between them. However, there are a few outspoken Republicans who see Donald Trump as a danger to the free world, and they are openly speaking about it.

It is now time for Donald Trump to be put in his place. He must be made to understand the vast majority of well-thinking Americans saw him for what he is, and they will never give him the power of the Presidency he so craves. He’s a twice-impeached, twice indicted and found guilty of sexually assaulting a female. Say goodbye, Trump; you are a loser.


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