Donald Trump Criminal Activities Are Dangerous To Democracy

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Donald Trump’s Criminal Activities Are Dangerous To Democracy. It is unbelievable that there are prominent Republicans that are still trying to protect Donald Trump after all that he has been indicted for.

One can understand that a business person might cheat on their taxes, lie about paying hush money and provide false statements about their business practice. We may not agree with those practices, but many will say it is part of doing business.

However, when Donald Trump was President of the United States of America, he undertook an oath of office. As the leader of the free world, he was obligated to uphold the integrity, dignity and constitution of the office of Presidency.

Donald Trump, who should have never been elected President in the first place because he is a narcissist, has no integrity, dignity or honesty. Donald Trump proved that given President’s rein, he would abuse the power the people gave him. He likes discussing President Biden’s weaponise, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

President Biden’s Son was under investigation by a Trump-appointed District Attorney, and President Biden had every right to replace every District Attorney when he became the President. Still, he left the Trump-appointed District Attorney in place that was investigating his Son. That shows President Biden’s dignity and integrity, unlike Donald Trump, who does not understand the meaning of those words.

The MAGA Republicans trying to prop up Donald Trump are nothing more than traitors to their country. This idiot stole thousands of classified national security documents when he left the White House. He even had the gall to show unclassified people these document, he put America and Americans at risk because of his depraved behaviour, and this is the person the GOP want back in the White House.

Donald Trump, a twice impeached, twice indicted, found guilty of sexually molesting E Jean Carroll, and to face other indictment in other parts of the country must be bought to justice. He must be tried, convicted, and held accountable for his criminal activities.

Donald Trump likes to say that he is not being treated fairly as an Ex-Presedent; if he wanted to be treated with dignity and respect, he would have conducted himself in the manner which demanded that respect. Not lose an election and then lie about it. He was willing to bring false statements to the people who supported him so that he could griff off them, taking money from people who were not wealthy in the first place, and because they trusted him, they gave and gave.

Now that all his lies as been exposed and he has been indicted and faced jail, wake up, MAGA Republicans. This man is the death nail into the GOP, he is nothing more than a criminal, and it is time to take the blinkers off your eyes and see Donald Trump for the stupid, childish, dangerous idiot he is to the United States and her allies.

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