Donald Trump Know This You Are Not Above The Law


Donald Trump Know This You Are Not Above The Law. Denied, Denied, Denied Appeal Court as spoken. It is time that Donald Trump realises that he is not above the law and everyone knows.

Donald Trump likes to go on social media or speak to his right-wing media about the fact that he is being persecuted and it has never happened to anyone else in America. That Joe Biden is the one that is causing his persecution. So let us look at why Donald Trump has these various charges against him.

Firstly, the bedrock of American democracy is the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next. Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election after sixty court cases where he was told unequivocally that he lost the election he devised an outlandish plan to hold on to the White House by asking Mike Pence to disregard the legitimate electoral college votes.

Donald Trump then riled up his supporters to storm the very seat of American democracy whilst he sat in the White House and watched the carnage on television. He then set out and systematically lied to the American people that the election was stolen from him something he is still doing today.

Before he was even President he undertook criminal activities which he is now being held accountable for. So before people decide to feel any sympathy for that lying idiotic person remember that all that is happening to him is his own making and the reason that no other ex-president is on the verge of being tried criminally is because no other President did what Donald Trump has done.

If the world turns a blind eye to Trump’s criminal activities or gives him a pass on all the vile things he has done then we are saying that there are people who are above the law and that cannot be good for democracy.

Donald Trump likes to call other politicians corrupt he needs to look in the mirror and he will see himself and there is no other politician as corrupt and devoid of morals as him.

The United States of America must hold Donald Trump accountable so that any other elected President will understand that you will not get away with committing crimes even if you are an ex-president.

Donald Trump disgraced the office of the Presidency and it is going to take accountability for the rest of the free world to truly believe that no one is above the law.

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