The hypocritical, Double-Standards And Racist Politicians

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The Hypocrisy, Double-Standards And Racist Politicians. Looking across the political world, one thing that stands out to anyone is the hypocrisy, double-standard, and racism ingrained in politics.

Over the last few months, particularly the US November 3 election and the insurrection on January 6 at another US government branch. It became patently clear that the standard of politics have sunk to a low that have never been seen in the political arena for many years.

America pride itself on the peaceful transition of power, but in the last election, that was far from peaceful. First, the outgoing President spent months touting that it would be stolen if he loses the election. This convinces millions of America that this was true, even when there were challenges in 60 court cases; two Supreme Court and head of the cyber division stated that the 2020 US election was the most secure held in America. Millions believe the Ex-President big lie.

But the worse part of this is that not only did Donald Trump touted the big lie, Republican members of the Congress and Senate also pushed the big lie about the election. The world watched and heard as Republican Congressperson and Senators help to perpetuate the lies of a stolen election. The most outlandish thing about pushing the big lie that got lost in media reporting is voting areas were Trump was trying to overturn the votes have a large Black population.

Racism in the United States got worse under Trump Presidency, and it will take years to resolve. Most Republican politicians are so full of double-standards that it is sickening to watch them. When Donald Trump won the election in 2016, they were telling anyone who opposed his victory to “get over it and accept that Democrats lost”.

Joe Biden won the 2020 Election and is now the President. The individual he picks for his cabinet, some have to go through the Senate for confirmation, and of course, some have been confirmed. However, his pick for OMB Neera Tanden finds it difficult to get the Senate to confirm her. The Republicans and some Democrats say that she uses Twitter to put out means tweets against many lawmakers, which was mean, degrading and downright rude.

But years ago, when Trump nominated an individual to his cabinet that uses derogatory tweets, the Senate had no problem confirming him because he was White. These same bigots are now trying to derail Neera Tanden because of so-called tweets. Suddenly, the Republicans grow an intolerance for tweets when their leader spends four years tweeting against anyone he did not like, firing people, and the list goes on.

Everyone would understand if Neera Tanden was unqualified for the job. Her qualification is above reproach, and she would manage and run the OMB office effective, efficiently and with dignity. But she may not get the chance because of her race and being a woman. It seems the Republican and some Democrats tolerate a man’s rantings, but from a woman, it is taboo.

No one in the Republican party told Donald Trump that using Twitter to tweet mean things about anyone was not something, especially for the President of the biggest democracy on Earth. Now Neera Tanden tweets offend them. No one should berate anyone online; it is disgraceful, and we should not tolerate it. But it is not her tweets that they care about; it is the fact that she is an Indian American, and they do not like the fact that she will hold the OMB position, and that is open racism.

It is disgraceful that politicians cannot show integrity, dignity, and honesty. The situation becomes even more intolerable when media such as Fox News allow these politicians to peddle their lies, conspiracy, and racism.

Freedom of speech is vital in a democracy. Still, we should not tolerate blatant lies put out by right-wing media to see White Supremacy’s status quo remains intact, and Blacks and other minority groups kept in line. This is the twenty-first century. It is time to recognise that Black and other minorities tolerated the disparages for years will no longer be. They have to recognise that this group has contributed to society and will continue to do so regardless of their narrow-minded, bigoted attitudes.

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