Donald Trump Is Racist And Unintelligent

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People, People what is it going to take for some Americans to understand that Donald Trump is not only a racist and bigot, but he cannot recognise truth, justice or the American constitution.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump was, given a taste of power winning the 2016 election, and now he believes that he should be President for life. He cannot accept that the vast majority of decent well-thinking Americans cannot stand him or want any association with his brand of politics.

He is a liar and a person without dignity or integrity. His lack of leadership for the American people allowed over 200,000 to die needlessly. The economy in disarray and unemployment at a record high. Donald Trump does not know how to lead; he is a selfish, self-centred individual without any moral fibre.

Why cannot some American listen to the words of his niece, when she laid out Donald Trump’s flaws. There as never been a president in the history of the USA who believes the White House and the Presidency are is to do what he likes and cater to his whims.

My biggest condemnations go out to the Republican party for allowing Donald Trump to destroy the party. When the republican loses the November election because of Donald Trump, we may never see another Republican president for decades.

The Republican party shows no backbone, and they have allowed a fail business person to destroy the core of what the party stands for and that is why harden Republicans are leaving the party in their thousands.

It is crucial for the soul of the American democracy and freedom to ensure that Donal Trump is, removed from the White House and they must do so in the November election; there must be no doubt about the outcome or result.

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