Golf Legend Tiger Woods In Automobile Crash

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Golf Legend Tiger Woods In Automobile Crash. The world held their breath as the media report that golf legend Tiger Woods was involved in an automobile crash around 7 am, on Tuesday, 23 February 2021, in the California Rancho Palos Verdes area.

It has been reported that Tiger Woods was taken to Harbor UCLA Medical Centre. Many media reports suggested that following the car crash; he sustained injuries to his ankle and both his legs, which are yet to be confirmed by the hospital or his family.

Tiger Woods is not just a great golfer, but he has inspired the Black community to not see golf as a rich person endeavour but a sport that minorities can take up and achieved.

Various media outlets suggested that Tiger Woods is fortunate to be alive given the accident and the number of times the vehicle rolled. They also suggested that he was wearing his seat belt, which may have contributed to saving his life. The media also stated that the inside of the vehicle, according to the officer that visit the seen remain intact, although the front end was almost completely damaged.

Given the severity of the accident and the fact that local authority reported in the media that they did not see any skid marks at the scene, will give the investigators a starting point to begin their investigation as to what occurs and what caused the accident.

A further report in the media suggested that Tiger Woods, after his treatment, was doing well in hospital, and we thank the Lord that he is alive and hope that he will be back playing golf as soon as possible.

The outpouring of goodwill and wishes came from all over the world as many are very happy that he did not lose his life. Good wishes from celebrities, other golfers, and just ordinary people who idolised Tiger Woods for the way in wish he elevated the sport of golf to stardom.

Although, Tiger Woods had days in his life that he hoped had never happened, and he made a mistake as all human does, had various medical problems, especially with his back. He apologised for his mistakes and returned to win his fifth Masters Golf tournament on 19 Aug 2019, making his fifteen major titles. Tiger Woods completed one of the unlikelier comebacks in sports history and delivering an all-time sports moment in the process.

Despite what one make think of Tiger Woods, whether is the fact that he publicly admits that he cheated on his wife and had affairs with other women, the fact remains that he is just a human being and the vast majority of us have secrets that we do not wish to be exposed. When you are in the public eye, the media strive to know all about your life, and sometimes that is too much to bear.

Most people believe that they could not condone how he conducts his personal life, but then again, it is his personal life, and he should have been able to live it the way he chooses. But because they put him on the golfing elite on a pedestal of their making when he made a mistake, they were so quick to knock him down.

In my opinion, we should celebrate the achievement of everyone, whether they are a movie star, golfer, footballer, soccer player everyone but what I do not believe we should do is have the right to tear people down because they do not live up to our narrow-minded and archaic beliefs.

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