Donald Trump Tax Returns With Manhattan District Attorney

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Donald Trump Tax Returns With Manhattan District Attorney. As we wait with bated breath, there is wondering among thousands of people the Manhattan District Attorney’s outcome finally getting their hands on Donald Trump’s financial data and tax returns.

The hundred of people who are called Trump base seems to be ignoring the reason for the inciting of the January 6 insurrection on the Capital just as Congress was about to count the electors slate that was submitted by the 50 states confirming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were duly elected President and Vice Presiden of the United States of America.

It does not take rocket science to determine why Donald Trump would do just about anything to remain the President. He started touting way back in September 2020 to be due to fraud if he loses the election. A reporter asked him if he would have a smooth transfer of power, like all other President, of which he said, “we will see”.

Under the Presidential seal, Donald Trump knew that he could not be prosecuted but should he lost the election and became a private citizen, then the number of pending court cases would come knocking at his door. Donald Trump was prepared to overturn US democracy to remain in power. Trump did not care how he achieved it. Thankful the American systems held firm. Although the Congress was storm by about eight hundred people, stopping the certification, Congress returned after the attack to confirm the President and Vice President.

During his four years in office, he fought very hard to keep his financial data and tax returns from getting into the Manhattan District Attorney’s hands. However, he lost when the Supreme Court ruled that Trump lawyers must turn over the financial data and tax returns to the District Attorney’s office.

In September 2020, the New York Times ran an article on Trump’s taxes, so the world got a glimpse into Donald Trump taxes debacle. But now that information is in the hands of the Manhattan District Attorney, are we going to finally see Donald Trump indicted for some of the criminal activities that it is alleged that he committed. Does he once again get away with all the nasty things that he did not only in is personal life but to the United States of America?

According to various media reports, Donald Trump have at least six pending court cases. There is one in Georgia for possible interfering in an election when a taped conversation between Trump and Raffensperger released to the public.

It will be a travesty of justice if Donald Trump is not held accountable for all the negative things that he did under the Presidency. In my opinion, he defiles the Presidential office, causes America to look weak around the world, incite an insurrection that left five people dead and played down a pandemic with causes the deaths of over five hundred thousand Americans. Pardon known criminals that commit unspeakable criminal activities.

Justice matters, and regardless of who we are, none of us is above the law. We should be treated in the same manner if and when we break the law of the land. If Donald Trump gets away with all the awful things that he did, then once again, we will be left with the nasty taste in our mouth that if you have money, you are treated differently.

The onus is now on Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., Manhattan District Attorney. If he discovers anything in those millions of financial data and tax returns of Donald Trump, we hope the Grand Jury indict. Trump is tried and if found guilty, send Trump to prison; that is the only way his poisonous toxic rhetoric is going to die out among the American people.

Let us not kid ourselves; Donald Trump became the person he is because he is a narcissist, and he have many Republican enablers both in the Senate and Congress. Especially when it came to the big lie that he won the election, if most of the GOP told him that he loses as some did, he would not be so brazen with the lie. The Republicans are so concerned with the 73 million voters that Trump had ignoring the fact that Joe Biden got 81 million voters and that Trump lost them the White House, Senate, and Congress. Donald Trump as never gotten the popular vote that should have told them there hopes in winning an election are tenuous at best with Trump at the helm.

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