Politician That Turned Lying Into Twenty-First Century Art

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Politician That Turned Lying Into Twenty-First Century Art. I imagine that the vast majority of politicians sometimes in their political life told a few lies to made their election promises tolerable to the voters.

The electorate tends to want their leaders to be honest, truthful with integrity and dignity. However, politicians are people, and they make mistakes, mislead the public if they believe it is in their party’s interest to lie to their citizens.

In my opinion, lying among politicians is a worldwide phenomenon. Some are caught in the lie, and others lie never came out into the light of day. But there is one person who turned lying into an art form.

US ex-president Donald Trump is one of the liest president in American history. He recognises that by feeding lies to the public, he could build up a blinding trust among certain Americans and racist groups. Trump started his first big lie in 2016 when he spread falsehoods that President Barrack Obama was not born in the United States. This lie was known as the ‘Birther lie’, and Trump spend years touting this lie. Bearing in mind that Barrack Obama was the first Black American President.

The birther lies Trump spread about Obama spread like wildfire, and many Republican, Conservatives and those who believe anti-black views absorb the lies. Donald Trump was on a roll, having recognised he could convince thousands of people with a lie, decided to take lying to another level. The media suggest that Trump told 30,000 mistruths which is the equivalent to 21lie per day.

Trump was elected President in November 2016, which gave him the power he craved. He had his hands on the most powerful office in the land. He was virtually untouchable apart from impeachment. Trump honed is lying skills over the four years that he occupied the White House. However, time was running out; there would be an election, and he could be in trouble if he did not win.

Ex-President Trump knew the US 2020 election would be held on 3 November. The polls showed that his opponent Joe Biden was well ahead of him, and as the days when by his standing in the polls remains behind Joe Biden. So Trump decided that he needed to come up with another convincing lie, so he started to lie that should he lose the 2020 election, it would be because of fraud.

In September 2020, a month before the election, Trump started to lay the groundwork for his big lie. Re-election was vital to Donald Trump; he had several court cases looming against him, but he was untouchable so long as he was under the Presidential seal. If he lost the election and were now citizen Trump, the justice system would go after him.

Donald Trump lost the election spectacularly, and it was the biggest voter turn out in the history of Americans vote. Trump got 73 million votes and Joe Biden 81 Million, Joe Biden got 306 electoral votes and Trump 232. Donald Trump knew he was in trouble, so he decided to double down on the lie. Although Trump filed 60 court cases, including two Supreme Court appeals, he lost everyone, but that did not stop thousands of people from believing the stolen election lies.

It is important to note that Trump alone could not keep the perpetrating of the stolen election lies. He had Republicans from Congress and Senators in the media helping to sell the lies. Donald Trump was not satisfied with just telling the lies about losing the election; he needed to do something to keep him in power and remain, President, so he decided to overturn US democracy.

Donald Trump lies culminate in the insurrection of January 6, the day that Congress was certifying the electoral votes. On January 6, he held a rally in US Capital Washington DC. Thousands of his followers who believe in the stolen election lies gather. During the event, Trump spread the big lie, riled up the supporters, they stormed Congress when the representatives were certifying the votes.

The world watched as about eight hundred Trump supporters rifle through Congress, fight with the police officer, five people died, and many more hurt. Donald Trump left the White House, but he continues to spread the big lie in conjunction with his Republican enablers. It will take years to reprogram his supporters, and they will realise that they were conned by the biggest conman of the twenty-first century.


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