Political Blindness That Is Affecting American Society

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Political Blindness That Is Affecting American Society. There is a worrying trend in American political life that should cause the rest of the world to be concerned.

The United States have two parties, Democrats and Republicans. They have differences in how they govern. The Democratic party is more aligned with the American people’s wishes, whilst the Republican leans more to cater to the wealthy.

In politics, whether they are moderate, right or left-wing, politicians have a responsibility to govern and serve the people who elected them. Normally, most Americans would agree that there have been times when the American people’s needs were being looked after between the two parties.

But something in American politics changed with the 2016 election of Republican Donald Trump. Politics became nasty, and lies became the weapon used to degrade anyone who does not bow to the will of Trumpism.

Donald Trump, through his lies, tenuous attitude to far-right groups have cemented himself into a cult-like figure that demands total servitude, and thousand of Americans not only buy into his lies but believe that he can do no wrong.

The Republican party had their differences, but when past presidents, Democrats or Republicans, lose elections, they concede and have a peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump, instead of accepting that he lost the November 3 election he set out on a path to overturn the result from four states that have primarily Black and other minority groups.

Thousands of American people believe that the Democrats stole the election from Donald Trump and Joe Biden is not legitimate. Somehow Donald Trump will return, arrest everyone and assumed the presidency. There have always been conspiracy theories in American society, but one that has taken hold and does not seem to be extinguished anytime soon is the Q-anon stupidity.

The political blindness of hundred of Americans is quite astonishing. The worshipping of Donald Trump is remarkable, and that is what Trump’s ego demands. No one in what they affectionately called the GOP dares to go against Trumpism. A few well intelligent Republican official spoke out about Trump’s behaviour and voted with the Democrats to impeached Donald Trump after the January 6 insurrections. Their local party official is censuring those people.

Media reports from around the United States of America show many people not only defending Trump but when asked about his loss of the election and is incitement of the January 6 insurrection on another branch of America’s government, they flatly denied that Trump lost the election or have anything to do with the insurrection.

Donald Trump has managed in four years, and the fact that he thinks he as 73 million people supporting him radicalised Republicans American political life so much that if you do not, as the saying goes ‘kiss the ring’ and totally devoted to Donald Trump, then your political life is ruin.

But looking at the politics of the Republican party, and it is now called the Trump party, it is the Senators and Congressmen and women who gave credence to Trump beliefs that he held the party in the grip of his hands. These individuals who do not seem to have any dignity or credibility give Trump the power because, without that blind service to Trump, he becomes an ex-president and leader of the party.

The worrying aspects of Trumpism are that America democracy is on the line now more than anytime in history; I believe that even more than when the civil war occurs. With thousands of Americans worshipping the cult of Trump and the various conspiracies that thy alluded themselves to, it creates a danger in the country that January 6 insurrection can be recreated around the country and the life of those who do not worship Trump could be seriously in danger.

If America is going to deal effectively with Trump political blindness, they need to make haste with the various court cases pending against him, arrest, prosecute and if necessary, incarcerate him so that the vulnerable people who are showing blind loyalty to him realise that he is only a mortal person who commit crimes and have no care for anyone but himself.

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