Countries With Demonstrations And The Cost To Human Life

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Countries With Demonstrations And The Cost To Human Life. There are currently demonstrations in Myanmar, Belarus, Bulgaria, Algeria, Bangkok, and other countries facing injustice.

Myanmar protest began when on February 1 2021, the military carried out a coup, arrest the democratic elect government and took over the country. So far, there have been 452 have been detained and eighteen killed by the security forces.

Belarusian protest is a series of an ongoing political demonstration against the Belarusian government. The Belarusian people in the presidential election has much electoral fraud, which make the current government illegitimate.

There are so many countries with demonstration occurring now. The overwhelming reasons for these protests are that people want democracy and freedom to live their lives the way they choose and with governments that respect the Democratic process.

I can’t understand why the world is standing by and watch as people are being murdered by security services simply because they want to have a democratic country where they can vote for their choice and have a government by the people.

If people are not protesting for their rights, we have people who are running from terrorist that have taken over their countries murdering men, women and children. Yemen is a typical example of the devastation that is happening to the Yemenese people.

In the west especial the American people, when they hear about refugee or immigration, a vast majority of them do not want to hear their leaders talk about helping the unfortunate people in the world. Every day hundreds of people make the dangerous journey to get to the United States. The vast majority of the people making the journey are running away from poverty, dictators, violence and the fact that their rights have been taken away because of no fault of their own.

It is unbelievable that in this twenty-first century, we still have people in many countries demonstrating for their freedom, wars that are creating million of refugee in other countries and the majority of the world is standing by and allowing these wicked things to happen to other human beings.

The world can no longer put a bandaid on a large wound; of course, the people starving welcome the charity that the world gave to be fed. Those demonstrating appreciate the solidarity sections of the world shows them. However, the conflicts and starvation and people fleeing violence continue.

How can we call ourselves a civilised society when people are dying in their thousands. Many nations’ freedom is curtailed; individuals are arrested and sent to prison for years to exercise their democratic rights.

Our planet is currently a boiling pot, and if we do nothing, then it is in for a meltdown. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, and others must intervene effectively. I am sure the finance they provide for a developing country is welcome, and voicing their collective opinions that the countries demonstrating the security forces should not remove or harm peaceful protesters is only talk that is falling on deaf ears of these demigods.


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