Donald Trump must Be Held Accountable For His Actions

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Throughout history, people have done terrible things, to human beings, and there are always those who will justify the disgraceful actions of dictators, demigod and the likes of Donald Trump.

On January 6, 2021, most Americans will never forget a White supremacy group, Proud Boys and other individuals storm the Capital and desecrate The United States Congress and cost the lives of five people. They did so because of a big lie that was told to them by Donald Trump.

Incapable of coming to terms with losing an election, Donald Trump started from September 2020 touting that it would be rigged if he loses the election. November 3 the people of the United States voted for Joe Biden giving him over 80 million to Trump’s 73, and in doing so, they gave Joe Biden the Presidency.

Donald Trump riled up his supporters telling them that the election was stolen, not mentioning that there were 60 court cases including 2 Supreme Court cases thrown out and recounts three times in Georgia confirmed that Joe Biden won the election.

These believers having stormed the Congress degrading the seat of democracy, Donald Trump was impeached for inciting his supporters. The sad part of all of this is that Donald Trump will be found not guilty because the Republican party has no backbone and is enabling Donald Trump.

The USA’s constitution should be the guiding light at which these Republican senators judge him, but they will not hold him accountable. History taught us that there could be no peace without accountability. Apart from a few decent Republicans that believe in the Constitution, the others are cowards who only thing about their political careers.

These Republicans will regret their decision because Donald Trump may have a base, but that base is not big enough to give him power and those senators who bow down before Trump shall lose their seats. White, educated Americans and the 18 to 25-year-olds are leaving the Republican party in their thousands, which will be the party’s slow demise.

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