Donald Trump Impeachment Chaos

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Donald Trump impeachment chaos, the President of the United States of American is not just a privilege, but it is the ultimate job on this planet.

The person who holds that office must be above reproach. He or she must govern with dignity, integrity honesty and above all the ability to unite the country and the peaceful transfer of power.

In most cases, past President fulfils those obligations. However, the United States people saw fit to elect Donald Trump even though they could have seen that he was not an individual who believes in the Constitution or the law throughout the 2016 election campaign.

Donald Trump 4 years in office, in my opinion, was the worst the US had undergone. He destroys the US standing in the world, cultivate systems that were counterproductive to America, building a wall, ripping children from their parents at the border and now over 500 children are yet to be reunited with their parents.

The President cultivate an unusual alliance with Russia so much that he would not criticise Putin when is own department tells him that Russia was responsible for the devastating hack upon American departments. He seems to have an affinity with dictators, and I suppose that he believes that he could keep power like Russia and North Korea leaders do.

But the worst thing that Trump did was try to use his office to blackmail other government to find information on his opponent to give him kudos in an election, of which he was impeached. Secondly, he riled up his base with his big lie about a stolen election that causes them to storm another government branch.

Donald Trump knew that he did not win the November 3 election, he has been telling his supporters that the only way he could lose was if the election was stolen. After 60 court cases, including two Supreme court case, he knew he lost. Several Republican election officials told him that he lost he could not come to terms because only 73 million people voted for him. In contrast, 81 million voted for Joe Biden.

So, Donald Trump was on a tirade of telling his supporters that the election was stolen and in doing so, he riled up people and hence the storming of the Congress that got Trump impeached for the second time.

Donald Trump may be found not guilty because most Republican Senators will not vote to do so, but he will go down in history as the only president impeached twice and leave the White House with the lowest approval rating and the worst. President the US ever had.

During the Black Life Matter march against police brutality, Donald Trump called them a terrorist group because there were people who riot burn buildings and cause chaos, which no one agreed with violence, however, when White Supremacy march in Charlottesville and killed a young women Donald Trump said there were “good people on both side”. Donald Trump as not condemn the terrorists that storm the Congress he called them patriots, good people, and we love you.

History will look back on Donald Trump time as President and wonder why the GOP allowed him to get away with so much that harm the American people and damage America standing on the world stage. The Republican Senators and Congressmen and women who enable Donald Trump to destroy the American value, trash the Constitution will also have to account for their cowardice. Their children and grandchildren will have to live with the shame of what their ancestors did.

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