Honestly, How Important Are Politicians And Do we Need Them

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Honestly, How Important Are Politicians And Do we Need Them. In my opinion, we do need politicians, but we have to get smarter in how we elect the people who decide to govern our lives.

Looking at two countries that have democracy and elect politicians to govern. First, there is an election in the United Kingdom in the UK every five years unless there are some special circumstances, and an election can be called.

The UK have several parties, but the two main parties are the Conservatives and Labour. These two parties jostle for power every five years. The Conservative party currently is the government of the day. In my opinion, a vast number of Conservative Member of Parliament should never be elected. Still, they were because of the misinformation, propaganda and sometimes falsehood that they told the electorate.

Under the Conservative Government over more than forty years that I reside in the UK, the vast majority of the population suffers. They always seem to cater to the wealthy and give the rest of the population scraps; they are good at bribing the voters near an election, and in most cases, the electorate buys into the falsehood.

On the other hand, the Labour government tends to cater to the people and put policies in place geared to looking after the many more than the few. However, the party tends to tear itself apart with constant fighting between those on the left and the moderate. Voters tend to find the fighting and the fact that the Conservative would spread the lies that the Labour party is socialist and bring socialism to the UK, which scared the electorate.

In the USA, there is the Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans pride themselves on small government, fiscal responsibilities, but it never seems to do that once in power; they tend to give tax cuts to the one per cent of the country’s richest people whilst the poor, especially Black, Brown, and other minority groups suffer.

On the other hand, the Democrat party strive to cater to all Americans, especially the minorities in their communities. They have had a Republican President in the White House that spends more time promoting himself than the people. The Coronavirus started on Donald Trump watch, and all he did was tried to make it appear that it would go away.

In my opinion, there is no way in which Donald Trump should have been elected to the White House. He tries to overturn the US democracy because he could not accept that he lost an election and that it is the American people that elect their President. The US came close to losing its democracy, and 6 January 2021 will always be a stain on America democracy.

There is a Democrat President that is now in the White House, and so far, he is proving that he believes that the people come first and that all Americans must be treated equally and fairly, and the cabinet that he is putting in place demonstrates that he means what he says.

We need government, and it is politicians that make up our government. Still, as voters, we need to be smarter, flush out the lies, misinformation, and elect candidates who will work for the country and their constituents.

We live in a digital world, and one of the most influential things that we have is the media, social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which plays a vital role in how we vote. Here again, we have to separate the truth from the lies because even the media takes a political side support a particular party, and therefore they are going to push their party line.

Let us be a smart, intelligent and knowledgeable electorate, sort through the bull that we are told, when we face another election, whether, in the United Kingdom or the United States Of America, we will elect the government we need because we will not allow one or the other to pull the wool over our eyes.

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