Is Boris Johnson Right To Be Cautious

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Let me say right from the start that I do not believe everything that any Government tell me because, in my opinion, the government have a propensity to be economical with the truth.

However, is Boris Johnson right in being cautious about easing the lockdown we have in the country? Given the fact that the Prime Minister has himself recently recovered from the Coronavirus, it stands to reason that he is in a better position than most to say when he should begin to ease the lockdown.

The Prime Minister’s speech 27 April 2020, his first since he recovers from COVID 19 and resumes working. I have to say that he did make a lot of sense in that speech. It would be a travesty if he eases the lockdown too soon, and we end up with a second phase of the virus that kills more people.

Of course, the country is paying a high price economically because so many businesses have to be close. But those are things we can recover from those that are dead can never come back to us. So, while I am, fed up with the lockdown, I believe we should continue to observe the government guidelines and stay Home.

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