The Tragedy 2020 Brings To Us

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If anybody had told us a year ago that the world was going to experience a pandemic that changed the way we live our lives, we would laugh in their face.

But we were warned, five years ago, Bill Gates predicted that the world could not adequately deal with a virus such as COVID 19. The world never listens, and five years later, we are, engulfed in the biggest pandemic that most of us will ever experience in our lifetime.

The Coronavirus has changed the way that millions live their life, we are in lockdown, only allowed to go outside for shopping, exercise, medication, or if we cannot work from home.

I am terrified not of the virus but all that the government is asking us to do. Are we in a test to see how quickly governments around the world can lock countries down and contain people like a lamb to the slaughter?

When this lockdown is, removed what are our lives going to be because anyone who thinks for one moment that we will emerge from this and go back to the way we use to live our life is living in cloud cuckoo land?

Like millions of people, I am following the criteria of the government lockdown. But, I do not believe that the government is telling us the truth, and that is where my concerns are.

I find it difficult to understand why the government believe they have to be economical with the truth when they are dealing with the public. Of course, we know that there is certain information that is not in the best interest of the public to know, especially those dealing with the security of any country. However, I do feel that when it comes to COVID 19, we are not getting the whole picture.

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