Why Back Someone Who Break The Rules

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The Coronavirus, according to the government, is so devastating that we are, told that the only way to curtail this virus is to stay at home, lockdown.

Despite the problem, thousands of people face every day we obey the government advice because we want to be, rid of this invisible killer. There is the individual that could not go to their loved ones who passed away because of the lockdown and in most part, we understood the reasons why.

Who made Dominic Cummings lord of the manor in that he believe that he has the right to disregard the rules of lockdown because as he said it was in the interest of his child. Does he know how many people had to ignore their family and friends because they were, ordered to stay at home?

In my opinion, if Dominic Cummings is allowed to disrespect rules that he helps to create then the one law for the rich and another for the poor comes into play. Again, the unfairness of how our world is and how the vast majority are, mistreated while the minority few are held to a different standard.

Then to top it off this article appears in the media today and it makes me feel sick, disgusted and furious. Read more https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/28/dominic-cummings-did-break-coronavirus-rules-wont-face-criminal-action-12770538/

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