What World Is Donald Trump Living In?


It is unbelievable that anyone with an ounce of sense can begin to comprehend which world is Donald Trump occupying?  The Coronavirus is battering the United States, and as people died in their thousand, you have a President who as lost his grip on reality.

Every White House briefing that man as he only talks about himself and how great he believes he is to the American people.  Of all the President of the US, in my opinion, Donald Trump is far the worse that happens to be, put in such a dominant possession.

How can the country begin to heal and get over COVID 19, there is no federal leadership, and each state have to be battling to control the virus and the number of deaths that are occurring daily around the US states.

One have to ask the question of why when there is a pandemic. The US seems to get the worse of it.  In the 1918 epidemic, there were 500 million people worldwide that were affected, and 500 thousand deaths occur in the United States.  I f we look at what is happening now with COVID 19 13.4 million people; worldwide infected 3.48 million in the US and 138 thousand deaths so far.  Mexico is the only other country that comes near to what the US is currently undergoing.

In the second deadly worldwide epidemic that we are facing the US is suffering from leadership, empathy, dignity and integrity from an individual that tells himself that he is the President.  I do not believe that Donald Trump understands what it means to govern a country.  He seems to think it means having nursery type behaviour with the rest of the world.  Throwing tantrums when he does not gets his way just like a child would do.

I imagine that many American trust Anthony Fauci because of his experience with dealing with diseases and outbreak of the virus and here we have a President that is actively trying to destroy the reputation of someone who at least knows what he is doing.

In my opinion, we cannot wait for November to come so that the people of the US can elect a President that will be with the people and for the people.  A President with some modicum of dignity, decency, integrity and the ability to lead the nation and do not use every photo opportunity to self-praise.

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