Every Life Matters Time For Justice

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As we watch cities all over the US demonstrate and some turn to violence, we must ask ourselves the question, how many more Black lives must be lost before we recognise the real problem in our society.

The problem between Black people and I refuse to say African American, because they are just Americans, they should not need to be labelled. One of the reasons why Black lives as so little value. I have not heard any attachment given to White people in America; they are simply White American considering that that country belongs to Indians.

Why are White people in the US is not called European Americans, but every other race is classified, Mexican American, Native American, Irish American, Arab American, etc. It is disgraceful and one of the reasons that racism is still prevalent in the US. Some White American does not believe that any other race should be in the US, the supposed land of the free.

Police officers have been systematically murdering Black people because they are aware that there is no consequence to their actions and no one, not the local government or the federal government give a damn about the slaughtering of Black people.

The problem in the US is simply if police officer knows that should they kill anyone without good reason they are headed to prison, stop and harass citizens without probable cause, they will be fired and lose their benefits. All that is needed is for the country to put laws in place to prevent police officers from behaving like bully boys and terrorist that have their archaic actions swept under the carpet, and there are no consequences for their actions.

In this the twenty-first century, we are watching police officer murdering Black men on camera. In contrast, other police officers watched as the life of a human being was, extinguished like an animal.

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