How Can a President Be So Idiotic


Every time that Donald Trump opens his mouth, the only thing that comes out of it is stupidity and nonsense.

One would have thought that an individual that held one of the most critical jobs on the planet would know how to unite its people in a time of crisis and have the ability to empathise with its citizen when they are hurting. Instead, all that he has done is to stoke the fire of racism around the country.

A member of the police service murdered a man, he died in a manner that should never have occurred, and all that we get from this poor excuse of a President is rhetoric and idiotic behaviour.

No one who witnesses the demonstrations around the US cities and even those protest that happens in the UK and other countries would condone the looting and destruction of private property. However, the frustration of Black people reached the boiling point. How many more Black brothers, fathers, sisters, sons, daughter and other family members must die by the hands of the police before the administration effectively does something.

The vast majority of people who have lost their children to police violence have never orchestrated violence. Yet they have a President that have no idea what the world is about, blinded by his bigotry against minority people and not having the ability to lead. Using ridiculous words such as “when the looting starts the shooting start” is not only a disgusting remark but one which demonstrates how pathetic the US President is.

The man is like a child that loses their toys if social media disagree with him; suddenly, he is signing a document to control how they do their business.

I hope and pray that come November the good people of the US will vote this idiotic man out of the office and put someone in the White House who knows how to lead, hold the country together, and put America back on the world stage.

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