Trump Wants To Terminate The United States Constitution

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Trump Wants To Terminate The United States Constitution. Donald Trump is the most moronic person on this planet, and the fact that his supporters and the members of the Republican party do not see or understand that concept is a blow to democracy.

Imagine that because Twitter withdrew the naked picture of Hunter Biden from their platform and Elon Musk decided that somehow that was big news, Donald Trump believes he can use that information to continue perpetuating his big lie about the 2020 election, which he lost. Hence, he called for the termination of the US Constitution.

Donald Trump should never go anywhere near the White House again. This selfish person entertains white supremacists and Jew-bashing bigots at his home for dinner. There should be an outcry from every corner of the political spectrum, but it is only the Democrats that are up in arms about what Trump said about their beloved constitution.

The Republican party has finally put a nail in their coffin; despite that, they will take over the house of Representatives in January. They only have two years that they will use to investigate Hunter Biden and will not be working for the American people. They will be annihilated in the next election. Quite frankly, they deserve what they will get from the electorate.

The GOP has demonstrated that there are no levels that they will not sink to appease Donald Trump, and it will be left up to decent Republican supporters, the courts and the judges in the US to stop Donald Trump from further eroding the US democratic system.

It sickens me to see a great country like the USA, for all its faults, seen as the place where a make-believe dictator like Trump can flourish without a total outcry from her inhabitants.

Donald Trump is a liar, and a narcissist, who breaks the rules because he thinks there will be no consequence to his vile actions. But the walls are closing in on him sooner than he thinks. That will save the United States of America, and the only solution that will make millions of people happy is seeing Trump in prison. That is where he belongs.

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