The Crumbling Of The Republican Party Under Donald Trump


The Crumbling Of The Republican Party Under Donald Trump. It is unfortunate to watch the once-GOP party of Ronald Reagan, Lincoln, Bush, and many other great Republicans crumble under the narcissism of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is one of the biggest liars of the 21st century. There has not been, in my opinion, another public figure who knew how to orchestrate lies to griff off their supporters.

During the mid-term, the Republicans lost significantly, and they may have regained the House of Representatives but the so-called blue wave they expected never materialised. Most Americans recognise that their democracy was in dire straits, and thank God they did something about it.

The wack job in the Republican party, such as Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor-Green, Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Kari Lake and many more, will eventually put the final nail in the GOP, which will be good for democracy. I believe that the USA needs two functioning parties, but currently, there is only one party, the Democrats, that is functioning as a party that recognises the importance of democracy.

Donald Trump is bad for democracy and should not be trusted because he lies with impunity. He believes he should be given special treatment because he was an ex-president. He talks about Joe Biden weaponising the DOJ and FBI, but no other President weaponises those departments like Donald Trump.

He tries to weaponise judges and cannot understand why only a judge like Aileen Cannon was prepared to risk her reputation and credibility to appease him.

The walls of justice are closing around Donald Trump, and no amount of threats to the Special prosecutor’s wife is going to prevent Trump from being indicted if the special prosecutor deems it necessary. In all the noise that Trump is making about being unfairly treated, many MAGA republicans seem to forget that Donald Trump stole classified documents when he left the White House. The world is waiting for answers about what was intended when he stole those documents and likely compromised USA security.

Many MAGA Republicans claim they are Christians, but they forget one important message the Bible gives to enable us to recognise evil when we see it. Matthew 7:16 By their deeds, we shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles? It does not take Einstein to recognise election deniers. Once you question the validity of a free and fair election, you are going down the rabbit hole of autocracy.

Donald Trump and his enablers are trying to take the USA down to road to the destruction of democracy so that Trump can reign for as long as he wants. Americans will never allow Trump to do that; they know that by their deeds, we all know what they are.

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