Surprise And Disappointed America Midterm Election Results


Surprise And Disappointed America Midterm Election Results. Although the vast majority of USA media say that the midterm election’s outcome was not a good night for the Republican party, I am very disappointed.

Even though the so-called red wave did not occur and the Democratic party did much better than was hoped for, the fact that so many Republicans keep their Senate and House seats are, in my view, disgusting that the American people would continue to elect these people who want to take away their democracy and keep them in poverty.

Of course, inflation is causing a toll on people’s finances, but that is a global problem. The American voters seem to be under the illusion that the Republican party can fix inflation and crime. Americans do not seem to realise that the only people the Republican party think about are themselves. They will pull every trick to maintain power over voters’ lives. The American electorate is buying into their crap, which is why they continue to win house and senate seats.

The Republican party, which Donald Trump controls, is a bunch of liars, insurrectionists and election deniers. These people do not want the average American to prosper, and I cannot understand why anyone would vote for these individuals; it is crazy.

People looking at America from the outside are happy that there was no red wave as predicted. However, we cannot understand why the Republican party was not obliterated in the midterm election. What do the American people need to happen to them before they recognise that the GOP is no longer the party of people like Ronald Reagan, Bush or other Republicans who, although they have different views from Democrats, still believe in upholding the principles of the Constitution?

Unfortunately, the results of the midterm elections are disappointing. I hope the next two years will prove to the American people that voting for any Republican is detrimental to your pocketbook and health.


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