UK Gets Its First Non-White Prime Minister But For How Long

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UK Gets Its First Non-White Prime Minister, But For How Long. Rishi Sunak became the United Kingdom for Prime Minister of colour, and the country, especially minorities, are, wondering how long this will last.

Given that during the summer when he ran against Liz Truss, the Conservatives member voted for Liz Truss, who only spent 44 days as Prime Minister and had to resign; hence Rishi Sunnak was endorsed by the parliamentary members of having received more the 100 mp support he needed to be on the ballot.

The race was between Penny Mordant and Rishi Sunak; Penny waited until the very last moment to withdraw from the race, not getting the support from fellow MPs she needed.

But what of Rishi Sunak? He was the Chancellor during the Boris Johnson premiership, and many people reckon that he was the one responsible for the downfall of Boris when he resigned as Chancellor following the scandal regarding the breaking of lockdown rules.

Rishi Sunak was an excellent Chancellor who helped millions of British people during the pandemic and lockdown. He invested millions in small businesses and personal finance to help the country and its people ride out the Corona Virus lockdown.

However, a dark shadow is already hanging over his premiership because he re-appointed the Home Secretary, who only had to resign six days previously for a breach of security protocols. It is important to note that during Rishi Sunak’s speech after being appointed leader of the Conservative party, he stated that his administration would be run with integrity and accountability.

This appointment caused doubt in those words. However, are we not humans and deserve a second chance? Who can hold their hands up and say they have never made a mistake?

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