Americans Wake Up Donald Trump Is A Pathological Liar

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Americans Wake Up Donald Trump Is A Pathological Liar. It is pathetic to see Republican politicians bending over backwards to find excuses why Donald Trump had top secret documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago.

These are the same politicians calling for the government to lock up Hillary Clinton for sensitive emails that helped put Donald Trump in the White House. Mrs Clinton did not take boxes of documents to her home. Yet, for all the rules that Donald Trump broke in taking boxes of documents from the White House and records that belong to the archive, these idiots, so-called stupid politicians, are defending this narcissistic liar.

It is comforting to know that 57% of Americans want the investigation of Donald Trump to continue, and they also recognise that their democracy is on the line. They cannot allow most Republicans to be elected to either congress or the Senate. The party of Lincoln is no more, and the GOP is no more than a tool for Donald Trump to use to destroy American democracy, the Constitution to retain power and keep it just like the likes of Putin.

The DOJ was correct in believing that Trump was holding documents he should not have. Donald Trump seems to believe he is still the President, and his supporters should be telling him that the lie he spoke about the election being stolen from him does not mean that he remains President.

What will it take for these dumb supporters of Donald Trump to recognise that irrespective of the differences among Americans, the Constitution protects all and supporting Trump to destroy their democracy will be detrimental to them in the end? Donald Trump does not care about anyone except himself and will take everything from them without losing a night’s sleep.

According to the media, Trump’s fundraising topped over 2 million in two days shortly after the raid at Mar-a-Lago. What more do people need to understand? The people who support Trump are his cash cow; he cares nothing for them.

Donald Trump accused the Democrats of wanting to defund the police, yet the minute the FBI raided his home, Republicans were calling for the FBI to be defunded and abolished. How rich these people showed their complete bias. No one should want those people to represent them. Most Republicans in the Senate and Congress have no dignity, integrity or decency. The people who were running for their lives in the January 6 uprising or now making excuses for a twice impeached ex-President who lost them the White House, Senate and Congress, go figure.


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