GOP Senators Congress Representatives Must Tell The Truth

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GOP Senators Congress Representatives Must Tell The Truth. Everyone knows that politics is competitive and that each side will endeavour to say things they believe the voters need to hear.

However, blatantly telling and promoting lies is dangerous to democracy. If this continues, the USA and its people will wake up and realise that they no longer live in a democracy and authoritarianism methods have taken them over.

Donald Trump lost a fair election, one his security personnel said was the “most secure election in America’s history”. Yet Donald Trump is a narcissistic personality who could not believe that 81 million people rejected him in favour of someone they recognise will not destroy their democracy.

So, even before the electors cast a single vote, he began to lay the groundwork that if he lost the election, it would be because of fraud. The most extraordinary thing for most people looking outside the USA is that GOP Senators and Congress representatives are going around the country promoting Trump’s big lie.

Recently, Trump was found to have top secret documents in his position that he had no right to have because he is no longer the President. He has so many legal headaches against him. Still, thousands of Americans are supporting a twice impeached President who lost the Republicans, the Senate, The House of Representatives and the White House.

I want the American people who believe in the Christian faith to recognise this chapter in the Bible John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. The word shall is absolute, so whatever Trump and his lying band of merry men do, they will lose. God will never allow his people to be blindsided by bigots, liars and fraudulent politicians.

Americans, as you did in the 2020 election, go out in your millions and vote to retain your democracy, your freedom to choose how your manage your reproductive body, and who you fall in love with and marry because if you do not, you will wake up one day and all your rights will be gone and too late will be your cry do not let that happen. The Republicans are not in your corners, as you can see how they move to take away your reproductive rights.


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