The Republicans Desperation In Destroying The Right To Vote

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The Republicans Desperation In Destroying The Right To Vote. This is the twenty-first century, and one would expect that politicians would be ensuring that the right to vote is sacrosanct. Everyone who can participate in voting should do so without any restrictions.

So why is the Republican party desperately trying to destroy the right to vote? To understand why this is happening, you need to look at what happened in the November 2020 election and the subsequent senate runoff in Georgia.

Joe Biden won the election fair and square. However, Donald Trump, unable to accept defeat, began to lie systematically, called the ‘Big Lie’ spread with Fox News and other Republican senators and congress members perpetrate the lie of a stolen election, that it was due to fraud.

Despite the Republican party when to court over sixty times, including two Supreme court appeals in which they lost everyone, the lie continues and permeates the American people so much that it led to January 6 insurrection.

The Republican party is so far removed from the American people. Their loyalty to a one-term ex-president who has been twice impeached and a narcissist makes the GOP unelectable. They are so far gone that they could not join with the Democrats to pass a stimulus package to help the American people.

Having recognised that they cannot win any election fairly with voters going to the polls to elect their representative, they decided that their only shot is to suppress voter participation, bringing back the archaic Jim Crow disgraceful policies. It would have been a respectable thing that if the Republican party would have created policies that the American people could back instead, their only way to hold on to power is through voter suppression.

In this century, it is quite remarkable that political party such as the Republican believes that they can continue their suppression of minorities as they did back in the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and even further. They fail to recognise that they are now dealing with more extremely well-educated minorities, and their disgraceful ploy will no longer work.

For forty-three states to put forward over two hundred and fifty-three bills to suppress the right to votes demonstrates that Republicans are in desperate fear that they can no longer be an effective competing party with the Democrats, so their only choice is to try to win by default curtailing the rights of people to vote.

The Republican party needs to understand why they are in such a state because they are spineless, allowing Donald Trump to decimate the GOP fundamentals. They will never govern again by using these archaic voter suppression rules; this generation of voters will not allow it to happen.

It is a shame that the GOP does no longer know what it takes to work for the American people, and they are banking that in the mid-term, they will regain the Congress and Senate, they are in for a rude awakening because the vast majority of American recognise their racist policies. The base that they depend on will not be enough to give them power, and the sooner they recognise that fact, they may come up with some policies that Americans can vote for.

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