Voter Suppression Immoral Dated And Extremely Racist

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Voter Suppression Immoral Dated And Extremely Racist. We would have thought that no one, especially in America, would promote voter suppression in the twenty-first century.

November 3 2020, the American election saw record voter turn out. Considering that the country was in one of the biggest health crisis not seen for over 100 years. The coronavirus was ravaging the United States, but that did not stop over 159 million American from casting their democratic right to vote.

Since the election and the fact that Joe Biden won the Presidency, Donald Trump as being spreading the big lie that he won the election in a landslide, and it was because of fraud that Joe Biden won the electoral college vote that gave him the election.

One would have thought that 159 million people voted the biggest in US history would be celebrated by all political party, especially when at the time of the election, Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, stated that the election was the most secure in US history. There was no sign of fraud alleged commit would change the outcome, meaning that Joe Biden won fair.

Republicans at the local level and those responsible for the counting and tallying of the vote denied any substantial voter irregularities that would change the outcome of the election that Joe Biden won.

So it beggars beliefs that 3 months after the election, 47 states have decided to change how people vote, especially for people in the Black, Brown and other ethnic minorities. There are over 223 different local filings in the various states to decimate the way people vote and to make it much more difficult for minorities to cast their ballot.

The Republican Party in the USA believes that the only way they can win any election is to ensure that they curtailed how Black, Brown, Latinos and other minority groups vote. It is suggested that without the minority votes, Joe Biden would not win Georgia’s states or the two senate seats that the Democrats won from the Republicans.

Georgia was one of the states that their elected officials go out of the way to stress that there was no election fraud, their votes were counted three times one a hand count, and it came back the same each time Joe Biden won the state. So, it is astonishing that Georgia is one of the states that decided they were going to change their vote systems by losing places that people could vote, curtail early and absentee ballots, all because Georgia’s people did not vote for the Republican party.

After years of fighting for the right to vote, Georgia and the other states are enacting draconian voting protocols to limit the number of people who vote. Most Black, Brown and other minorities tend to vote for the Democrats.

America cannot preach to any other country about the right to vote when they are undertaking disgraceful legislation to prevent people who have the right to vote, a right that hard-fought for. The fact that the voter suppression legislation is put forward in states that are Republicans in control demonstrates their fear that they cannot win an election without cheating the voters, making it so difficult hoping that these communities will not bother.

Republicans cannot be bothered with any policy like they use to because, since Donald Trump, they have been taught that winning at all cost, even if you have to overturn democracy to do so, is acceptable to the GOP.

But they may have miscalculated the tenacity of voters. Minorities recognise the power of their votes; they saw in November 2020 how powerful they could make their voices heard because of the ballot box. Hence, no matter how hard the unprincipled Republican party tries to deflate the power of the Black, Brown, Latinos and other minority votes they will not succeed anymore they have been doing this voter suppression for too long, and the voter is more aware of their deceptions and will not allow them to win not anymore.

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