Why Are Republican Politicians Fighting Stimulus Package

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Why Are Republican Politicians Fighting Stimulus Package? The Republican party are so full of double-standards when it comes to helping the American people.

A few years ago, when the previous President Donald Trump put forward the tax cut bill that cut taxes for the one per cent richest people in America and Democrats said it was unfair taxes. The Republicans had no problem using the reconciliation process to push through their tax bill, and they were not claiming fiscal responsibilities. Now that Joe Biden is trying to get through a 1.9 trillion stimulus bill to help the American people going through a health crisis, not of their making, and suddenly the GOP are fiscally concerned.

Politicians are elected to represent their communities, so it is strange that when 62% of the American people favour this stimulus package, the Republicans in the Senate and Congress are against it. This bill would provide $1400, unemployment, childcare assistance, rent, child tax credit, reopening of school, vaccine roll-out, financial support for the states Democrats and Republican, so what is the GOP problem.

If Mitch McConnell were still the majority leader in the Senate, the Biden administration would not achieve anything that benefits the American people. He did the same to the Obama administration, and the country wondered why Obama could not have done more for the people; it was because of Mitch McConnell.

In my opinion, the Republican party is akin to the devil, and I found an adage that sums up the party ‘you can’t shack up with the devil and expect God to pay the rent’. Americans need to learn their lesson. The Republican party is predicated on catering for those who already are wealthy. Near an election, they throw a bone to the majority of its citizen so they can be re-elected.

They tried the same lies and propaganda in the 2020 election and the Georgia senate runoff, and they lose. Americans are beginning to recognise that you cannot trust the GOP. They do not mean what they say, and when there is a crisis in their community, they hop on a plane and go to Cancun.

Irrespective of whether they are Democrats or Republicans, any party stands ready to overthrow democracy because their loyalty is to one man, not to their country or the constitution on which the country operates. It is time for the party to be held accountable via the ballot box.

Except for a few senators and Congressmen and women, the current Republican party is not what it use to be. Donald Trump’s invasion of the party turned it into a circus where anyone who speaks the truth, especially about Trump, is subjected to ‘cancel culture.’

There was a time that Republicans and Democrats would work across the aisle to assist each other for the American people’s benefit. It seems that the cooperation is no longer there, and it appears GOP have been told not to work with the Democrats.

In my opinion, the Republican party will wait until it is too late before they recognise that Trump is not good for their party. In four years, Trump manages to lose the Congress, Senate and the White House, so why would you hitch your wagon to such a loser.

The Republicans that are, as they say, ‘kissing the ring’ is going to find that the only person that Trump care about is himself and that he will throw any one of them under the bus if he benefits from doing so. Republicans should be able to go to their constituents and talk about there collusion with the Democrats to assist them in their pain from living under a pandemic that is not their fault.

Joe Biden must get rid of the filibuster and give himself a chance to serve the American people. It is admirable to want to work with the Republicans, but the people he knew in the Senate and Congress all those years ago are not the same. Trumpism has seriously infected them, and if Biden wants to succeed, he must drop getting cooperation from the GOP.

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