Beating Institutional Racism And Suppression With Knowledge

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Beating Institutional Racism And Suppression With Knowledge. The defeat of institutional racism is paramount to a world free of injustices and bigotry.

How can we defeat hundred of years of racism, bigotry, inequality, injustice and lies? We begin by increasing our knowledge of history and what it taught of the sacrifice that many people of colour achieved in the face of adversity, demonisation and death.

For many years Black, Brown and other minorities believe that they did not worth much because, in particular, Black people, having been subjected to slavery was taught they did not worth anything and their life and liberty were predicated on what the White race say or do.

But a change began to emerge, and suddenly Black people began to recognise that they did not need anyone to tell them about their worth and how far they can go and the available achievement.

Over the years, several people have been shot and killed in the USA; although all Black deaths were deplorable, the most noted death was George Floyd. The world watched as a racist police officer knelt on George’s neck for eight minutes and forty-five second and murdered him in full view of the camera and people worldwide.

This inhumane act cause demonstration around the world, and Black Live Matter became a forum for people who could no longer take any more killing of innocent Black lives. This murder of George Floyd did not only galvanised the BLM but many thousand athletes from all walks of life, and it became evident that athletes could use their platform to make sure that justice was equal for everyone.

Black and other minorities realise that they were facing racism from White supremacy and other racist groups. Still, the political institution was stocked against and especially the police service that was doing the work of racist groups by the systematic murder of Black people.

2020 became a changing point for the Black community when they use their votes to put a Democrat President in the White House and took the Senate’s leadership from a Republican. Suddenly Black and minorities realise the power they had now vow that they will never be held in denial or allow racist politicians to blindside them.

Having recognised the voting power of the minority, the Republican establishment decided that they would suppress Black people votes to ensure that the Republican party can win elections. But, they make one mistake, despite all the so-called voter suppression tactics they are employing, the minority community are now wise to what they are doing and will not allow themselves to be caught off guard.

Black people learned their lesson. When there are people like Lebron James using his platform to educate the people about voter suppression and the detrimental effect that it will do on our communities, the Republicans have to be concerned that their suppressive methods are no longer going to be effective.

You can sometimes fool some of the people, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. The Black community is no longer in the darkness. They are aware of the power of their vote and recognise that if they want changes to inequality, justice for all, equity, then they have to use the power of the ballot box to put politicians in power who are not afraid of equality or having justice for all but have the ability to make equality for all regardless of the colour of your skin.


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