Prince Harry And Meghan Interviewed By Oprah Winfrey Amazing

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Prince Harry And Meghan Interviewed By Oprah Winfrey Amazing. An interview that opened the public’s eyes demonstrated that life as a royal is not always what it would appear.

The almost two-hour interview between Prince Harry and Meghan was inspiring. It showed that what we sometimes see with a member of the royal family is not all that it cracked up to be and that people can be suffering whilst they demonstrate in public that everything with them is fine.

The Duchess of Sussex was candid and, in my opinion, very truthful about the statements she was making. In the United Kingdom, most people saw from the media a supposedly happy Meghan, a mixed-raced woman fiance of Prince Harry accepted by the royal family. But the vast majority of Black people recognise the facade that was being portrayed. Institutional racism within the establishment was never going to go away. We knew that she would not be accepted as other White women who marry into the Royal family.

During the interview, Meghan told Oprah that she found out that the firm, as she called it, question her son’s colour, whether skin would be dark, and the effect that could have on the royal family. First, he would not be given a title, nor would he be given protection which, of course, she found disbelieving.

How could that be given that England is the head of the Commonwealth whose people are of colour? Meghan faced unprecedented racism and was not given the help she needs after informing the organisation that she needs to go to the hospital and speak to someone because her mental state was in decline, and she felt that she would take her own life.

Harry was as candid as his wife about feeling trapped in the establishment that he was born into. As he stated during the interview, he could see history repeating itself after what had happened to his mother many years ago. The same pattern was there and added her race into the mix; the situation was toxic, and they had to get out.

If we are truthful, the British tabloid has been nasty to Meghan, always comparing her actions to that of her sister-in-law. Kate rubbing her stomach during her pregnancy was natural, but Meghan doing the same during her pregnancy as a motive for criticism by the press.

The interview with Oprah exposes the double-standards in the British establishment, and although the Sussexes when to great length to tell the public that Harry’s Grandmother and Grandfather was never anything but great to them was never the individuals that made that nasty comment about the colour of their baby complexion they had the dignity to keep the name of the person from the public.

Despite what the British tabloid and some disgraceful television reporter say about the couple, it is a disgrace that this institutional racism establishment cannot see the harm they did to this couple. The British monarchy is, of course, part of the British way of life. Still, we should not be afraid to criticise the establishment when they do something disgraceful to another human being simply because of their skin colour.

Racism exists in every aspect of society, and the reason it is still ruining people lives is that people do not want to talk about it or accept that this archaic man created system is doing more damage to thousands of people and if we do not deal with it rather than pretend that it is happening them more people are going to suffer like Meghan and other people of colour.

When will we reach a point where police do not murder us because of our skin colour, penalise by banks, employer, education institutions, and other parts of our lives. It would be unfair to say that we have not come along way, and some things have changed over the years but what we need is equality in every aspect of life.

Racism is not a topic we should be discussing in the twenty-first century. We should have gotten past this system that keeps millions of people in the invincible chain, stopping them from achieving their potential. If we do not find a way to rid ourselves of this archaic attitude, there will be dire consequences because the next generation will not stand by and be victimised because of their skin colour.

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