Why Should British Monarchy Be Exempt From Accountability

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Why Should British Monarchy Be Exempt From Accountability? Following the blockbuster interview between the Sussexes and Oprah Winfrey, there seems to be among some members of the public that the Monarchy should not be held accountable for what Prince Harry and Meghan undergo whilst they were under the establishment.

The British Monarchy was established for over 1200 years, during which they have had 61 monarchs. However, the British royal family started in 1917 when they changed the family name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

There have always been certain criteria and protocols the Royal family regimentally adhered to. The first crack began to emerge when a young lady named Diana married Prince Charles. No one understood the strain or the stress that Diana Princess of Wales was undergoing. Apparently, Diana problems started after she did a tour of Australia.

In 1995 Diana gave an open and frank interview to a BBC journalist, and for the first time, the British public had a glimpse into the workings of the establishment and how it can make one feel. Diana, before she died in 1997, was the most popular of the Royal family worldwide. Her death hit millions of people hard, and even today, people still cannot get over her death.

Twenty-four years later, another woman who entered the Royal family spoke about her experience inside the so-called firm. Meghan Markel marries Prince Harry, and the house of Windsor did not bargain for what is who she would be. Markel, an American actress, mixed Race, previously married and divorced, was now Prince Harry’s wife.

Meghan initially was loved, and she was popular with the British people and, in particular, people within the commonwealth. But history was once again going to repeat itself. According to the Sussexes, once they return from their visit to New Zealand, things began to change. The couple became an outcast when they stepped back from royal duties and left the United Kingdom and when to reside in Canada.

The Oprah Winfrey interview with the couple highlighted the devastating problem that Meghan was facing in the establishment. Like Diana, there was no help given when she was begging for it. Suicidal tendencies and mental health problems were crippling this young woman, and there was no helping hand.

Could it be that it was because of her colour that she stated in the interview that the firm was concerned about how dark her child would be when he was born? Racism does not apply to only poor people; it occurs even when you are part of the most powerful established family in the United Kingdom. When the racist problems are coming from inside the establishment, one does not have a leg to stand on.

The British Monarchy need to come into the twenty-first century and recognise that although we know that the organisation is steeped in bureaucracy and autocracies, you cannot represent the Commonwealth and harbour racist tendencies against the wife of one of the Princes in the family because of her colour and treat other wives because they are white with kid gloves.

Accountability by the Royal family regarding what information came out of the interview is important. I am sure that many people welcome the fact that Her Majesty the Queen responded with a public letter stating that she was not aware of what Meghan and Harry were going through. And that the family loves Harry, Meghan and baby Archie.

I agree that they should now sort out their differences in private, and the press and the nation should allow them to do so and stop trying to get information about how the family is working out their problems.

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