United Kingdom Mourn The Death Of HRH Prince Phillips

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United Kingdom Mourn The Death Of Prince Phillips.  The United Kingdom, Commonwealth and many other nations mourn the death of Prince Philip.  

Prince Phillip, the Husband of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, sadly passed away on Friday, 09 April 2021. He was two months away from his 100 Birthday.  Although the nation knew that Prince health was failing following his previous hospital admissions, we thought that at the least, he was getting much better and would see his upcoming birthday.

All over the world, flags were lower in respect of a prevalent member of the Royal Family.  Prince Phillip married the Queen in 1947, and they have been together for over 70 years.  They had four children Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.  The nation will miss him tremendously; he left a wife (Her Majesty the Queen), children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Although the Palace is asking people not to gather because of the Coronavirus, many people ignored the warning and brought flowers both at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

It has been stated that Prince Phillip will not lie in the state or have the traditional procession through London’s street.  Given the COVID 19 restrictions, the Prince will be at Windsor Castle, where the family members will apparently pay their last respect.

It is unknown whether Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex will attend his grandfather’s funeral, given that he currently resides in Los Angeles. Megan is heavily pregnant with her second child,  and there is a travel ban on an international flight.

We do not believe in breaking the rules for anyone, even if he is a Prince, but his grandfather’s death makes this a special occasion, and should he wish to attend the funeral, he should be allowed to do so.

Prince Phillip was loved all over the world, in particular, the Commonwealth countries, he visited most of the Commonwealth, and although he sometimes would drop a gaffe, in most cases, the world adore him.  The United Kingdom especially adore the Prince primarily because of his total devotion to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.  He spends so many years by her side, ensuring that Queen could undertake her duties and responsibilities effectively no one in the public domain ever heard him complain.  He was also a great conservationist and created the Prince’s Trust that many people benefited from.

Her Majesty’s compliment to her late husband was moving, saying that the debt that the country owes him we will never know.  He put his own career on the line to support her and all the work he did with the Commonwealth.  His dedication to family and country is something that the citizen of the UK will always remember.

Because of the Coronavirus, thousands of British people will not be able to pay their final respect to a man they hold in reverence, and that will be difficult for the citizens of the UK to come to terms with.  They were able to attend the service for Princess Diana and The Queen mother, so it will feel like COVID 19 prevented us from participating fully in the funeral ceremony of Prince Phillip

The United Kingdom citizens will miss him terribly and hope that Her Majesty the Queen will come to terms with her husband’s death; may he rest in peace.


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