Black Lives Seem To Be Measure By Compensation


Black Lives Seem To Be Measure By Compensation, over the past few years, it would appear that the amount of money only measures the lives of Black people that states seem to be willing to pay when police officer murder Black men and women.

Police officers have been systematically murdering Black men and woman, and we need to understand why. It cannot be that these states believe that it is acceptable to be paying out compensation after compensation to families that have lost their loved ones to police brutality.

In the forties and fifties, the KKK and other White Supremacy groups were killing Black people; what change is that these police officers killing Black people are nothing more than White Supremacies in uniform and are more dangerous than the clan.

The families of the people listed below have been paid compensation
1. George Floyd $27 million
2. Justin Damond $20 million
3. Breonna Taylor $12 Million
4. Laquan McDonald $5 Million

All the above people have one thing in common they were all murder by a police officer, and these are just those that we know about because they got media attention, and there was a national outcry for how they were murdered.

Previously police could murder Black people and get away with it. Still, with the creation of smartphone, police are now being video actually committing murder, and they do not care that the world is watching.

Derek Chauvin, who is currently on trial for the murdering of George Floyd, is the latest in police killing Black people. The world saw in Derek Chauvin having his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds show the inhumane and indifference he had towards another human being.

How could anyone who saw that video believe that Chauvin was anything but a monster and should never be anywhere near or involve in the police service?

These police officers are not using their badge and power over an individual or community to enhance their respect for the job they are supposed to serve and protect. They are using their badge to murder innocent people in what they think is legal.

This cannot continue, and we better find ways of stopping these kinds of senseless murder by the people who are supposed to make our communities safe and who we should have the ability to respect. No one would disagree that being a police officer is easy, but how you do the job is important.

I believe that the vast majority of police officer are decent, law-abiding, friendly, care about their communities and the people they serve. But Derek Chauvin’s likes are a destructive entity to the police service, and government should root out these rouge officers and get back to policing in the manner it is supposed to be.

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