For The Love Of God How Many More Children Have To Die

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For The Love Of God, How Many More Children Have To Die? I deliberately put off writing anything about this tragic story, and I need to try and recover from yet another senseless slaughter of young children.

Yet again, another nineteen families are in mourning. Having sent their children to the school that morning, they never could imagine that they would have to be preparing to bury their children sometime that day.

But how many times have the United States seen this kind of tragedy that families have to endure? Yet from an outsider’s point of view, it would appear that nothing is being done to prevent this continuous slaughtering of elementary school children.

We in the other part of the world who do not have or believe in the so-called second amendment recognise that it is dangerous; it puts devastating weapons in the hands of the most undesirable people in the country. The people who bear the brunt of this archaic, outdated amendment are children who should go to school and be protected from these gun nutters.

The more individuals rebel against the second amendment, the more those who make millions of dollars selling guns rebel against any change. The people who want to keep guns in undesirable hands are not the ones mourning today because they lost their children.

It seems that parents in the United States mourn the death of their children from gun violence every few years. You would have thought that those in authority would conclude that they need to do something to protect, especially elementary school children, from guns. Irrespective of whether you are Democrats or Republicans, there needs to be a meeting of the minds to do the right thing for the country’s good.

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